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Do Dogs go to Heaven? Do they Watch over Us?

Do dogs go to heaven? Will he watch over me from up there? I've always asked myself these questions, especially after Argo crossed the rainbow bridge.

I was sure of it, I really wanted Argo to have a magnificent place to go to after he crossed the rainbow bridge... I am convinced that there is a real paradise for him and for all the pets that have given us a splendid life, thanks to their company and loyalty.

And I believe that his loyalty and his love still exist. Because I'm sure he's watching me from up there and watching over me...

Do you think it's the same for you?

"And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.."

– Kabil Gibran


Do dogs Go to Heaven when They die?

I know many may not believe it... but I am convinced: Argo is in heaven and always watches over me.

This gives me immense comfort, and I really want to imagine that my puppy is happy and at peace in the afterlife.

I imagine him happily running around in the meadows, chasing butterflies, and bothering other animals with his games, who maybe rest under a cherry blossom tree and don't want to be disturbed.

But that's how he was, even if you didn't feel like playing, he did everything to make me get up from the couch and play with him. Now that I'm not with him (physically) anymore, he can only bother other pets and play with them...

And maybe your furry puppy is playing with him right now!

I know it could just be imagination... But just knowing that my playful furry friend is in a magnificent, free, and carefree place makes me feel better, makes me feel at peace.

I still remember his farewell letter... I wanted to find a way to say goodbye to him, before letting him go and freeing the pain I had inside my chest for too long.

a dogs prayer from heaven

A dogs Prayer from Heaven

I wrote a dogs prayer from heaven, for my beloved pet Argo. I would like to share it with you today:

Argo, dear puppy, your spirit is free,

No longer bound to earthly needs,

Your furry body now rests,

But in my heart, you'll always remain.

The memories that I hold so dear,

Of playful barking and happy tail wagging,

The way you snuggled, sweet and gentle,

A loyal friend, so genuine.

Even though time may pass, I won't forget,

The joy you brought, your gentle concern,

Your footprints left on my soul,

A loving presence, now whole.

Rest well, dear Argo, take your time,

Among the stars and endless seas,

Your spirit now forever bright,

A guiding light, on the darkest nights.


Portraits that Remember your Dog in Heaven

I had been imagining this scene for a long time: Argo looking at me from below and checking that everything is going well: That I am happy, strong, and that I play enough, even if he's not there to get me off the couch like he used to.

And so my mind began to wander... to create a more and more vivid image... Like a portrait... But a different kind of portrait.

do all dogs go to heaven

I see clouds, and a dog looking at you and checking that you're okay.

A bit like when you were at home, and every now and then you saw his sweet little face looking at you, checking if you were sad, happy, or just needed some company.

If you were sad, he was the first to dry your tears.

If you were happy, he expressed his happiness next to you, wagging his tail and barking happily.

Now? Do you believe that your puppy up there is not watching over you and checking that you are happy, that you have everything you need? I am sure of it.

Here, my mind has created a new kind of portrait... instead of flowers, it has put clouds. A dog in heaven surrounded by clouds.

The same clouds that surround my Argo up there as he watches over the Earth... exactly where I am. And he watches over me, always.

And I'm sure that sometimes you feel his presence when you're sad or alone.

In fact, right at that moment, he's looking at you.

And maybe you hear him barking in the distance, or he comes to you in a dream.

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

– Jack Lemmon


Story of My dog in Heaven

I thought that the new puppy I adopted after Argo was his gift, I had this feeling.

AndI felt like this puppy already knew me... I was convinced of it.

Argo had a deep gaze, and this puppy had the same way of looking at me, of observing me deeply, until he discovered every nuance of my mood.

I have often imagined this scene in my head...

Argo, up there, saw that I was sad and missed him... so he decided to find a way to make me smile again.

One day, while walking among the white clouds, Argo noticed a puppy that had just arrived in heaven. The puppy seemed disoriented and sad, so Argo decided to adopt him as his pupil.

Argo taught the puppy everything he knew about life on Earth, and especially about his relationship with Me. He showed him pictures of us playing happily and carefree in our favorite park, telling funny and moving stories about our time together.

Argo explained to the puppy how important it was to make his owners feel loved and important, just as he had done with me.

The puppy listened carefully to his words and learned quickly.

Soon, the puppy grew enough... he was ready to go back to Earth to put into practice what he had learned.

And so it was that this puppy's path crossed mine on the day we met for the first time.

He began to jump around me, licking my face and wagging his tail.

I, incredulous, smiled and felt Argo's presence near me, even though I couldn't see him.

The puppy continued to do everything he had learned from my Argo, making my life happy and full of love.

And every time I feel lonely, I know that Argo and his successor are there, watching over me like two guardian angels.

dogs go to heaven when they die

Loyalty and Love continue Even if Your dog Is in Heaven

The loyalty and love that dogs show to their owners does not end with their death.

Dogs may be able to communicate with us even after death, transmitting feelings of love, affection, and closeness through their successors.

Finally, something I often repeat in my blog articles, and a teaching from my beloved Argo, our dogs teach us to appreciate what we have in the present moment, to enjoy the love and company of our loved ones, and to remember that the affection we have for them can continue even after their death, through memory and remembrance.

“A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.”

– Lacie Petitto


And it is precisely this that the portraits I create, together with the Flowerpup team, want to remind you of:

Remember to always live in the present moment, to enjoy what you have, and to remember with joy what our puppies have given us, and what they still give us, even if our puppies have gone to heaven.


Do all Dogs go to Heaven?

Pet owners increasingly think so, says study.

Before saying goodbye, I wanted to share an article with you that cites a study conducted in Newcastle, London.

It made me understand that I am not alone, when I lost my beloved Argo. Many of us truly believed that the paradise of our furry friends exists. And this study made me realize how loyal and devoted we are to our furry life companions, even if they have already crossed the rainbow bridge.

Give it a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments. I will be happy to hear from you.

A big hug,


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If you want you can read more on this really usefull website about pet loss: DO DOGS GO TO HEAVEN?

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Thank you for your words. They give me hope I’ll see all my babies again. I’ve have multiple pets since I was very young so I hope see them all and we’ll have a glorious reunion.

Bonnie downing

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