The Flowerpup Book

The Flowerpup book is finally available on Amazon!

Inside it you will find all the love we have dedicated to Flowerpup with the intent of delivering emotions to our customers.

I have to thank my collaborators Martina and Francesca for helping me to make this book, without them it would not have been possible. They are really great copywriters!

This book is dedicated to all the people who are in love with their pets and specially to people who suffered the loss of a pet.

Flower Pup: Stories of healing after the loss of a pet


We do not have the secret recipe to make this moment painless, but we do
have many small gifts: pills of knowledge, some actionable tips, simple rituals,
and many stories of people who have experienced the same loss.

This book was written for you, who struggle to mend the pieces of your heart, for you who do not know how to go back living your life, for you who come home
and cannot stand the deafening silence of an empty house.

We know first hand what it is to face life without our four-legged friend,
we are right there with you. In these pages we hope you will find a sort of
emotional support kit, some useful information for your recovery, and all
the words of understanding and comfort you need.

We want this book to be a refuge for you, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, a safe place to put the pieces back together.

There are so many of us who have loved and lost a dog, cat or any other pet
and, sentimental as it may sound, we are in this together. So, let us take
your hand, walk with you and, by all means, take everything you need from
this book.



Our Pet memorial gifts are unique

Our mission is to help people cope with the loss of a pet

Why we create pet memorial gifts?

If you miss your pet, you are in the best place you could be

Flowerpup exists because we know firsthand what it feels like to lose a beloved pet. The sense of emptiness, loss, and sadness surrounds us and seems to never pass. Our pet memorial gifts are designed to help you cope with the pain and to be your happy companions when the pain subsides.

The best memory you can have of your pet

Our pet memorial gifts are made to give you a joyful memory of your beloved pet. That's why we use colors and elements of nature to represent it now that it is no longer with you.

Sharing pain to overcome it

"Every order we receive means putting a piece of our heart at the disposal of our customers. We understand what you are going through and are willing to share that pain with you. It is not easy to read your sad stories... but we care about being part of your suffering to help you overcome this moment.

Being part of your happy future

We are sure that you will overcome your moment of sadness, also thanks to our pet memorial gifts, and therefore we want to be part of your life even when you can laugh and be happy again thinking about the part of life you shared with your beloved pet.

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