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Why dreaming of animals after a pet loss?

Dreaming of animals after a pet loss is a normal occurrence. A pet grief is often so great that you may keep dreaming your pet again and again for several years.

Why does this happen and what might it mean?

What if it sends you signals?

In this article I'll try to shed some light on why your pet visits you in dreams.

Animal signs after life

When our beloved animal dies, you may feel that your relationship still lives on, as if it never disappeared. You might even feel its presence in the house or daydream about it -- or during the night.

Has it ever happened to you?

Maybe when you are thoughtful and looking out the window, or listening to a song.

It may be a figment of your imagination, and you often think it really is.

But what if it is not? What if your animal really wants to send you a signal?

My beloved Argo often visits me in my dreams, especially in situations where I have to make important decisions and don't know which way to go. Argo comes in my dreams and-as if by magic-everything seems clearer to me!

Or as happened to Dylan, where his pit bull Ulysses came in his dream to greet him at the exact moment he was dying. And he helped him, again in a dream, to make peace with his brother with whom he had been fighting for several months.

Pure coincidence?

I don't believe it. I believe that our animals watch over us from beyond and guide us along our life path always by our side. Even if they are not physically present, they may be there in ways that we cannot fully understand.

Let us try to give them an explanation for this.

Can the dead communicate through dreams 

The bond between you and your pet is a strong bond of loyalty, love and faithfulness. It becomes an important part of your family, like a child, brother or sister. A bond you cannot live without.

With this in mind, it is not uncommon for it to visit you in your dreams when it dies.

So what does it mean to dream about your deceased animal? Is it something you should worry about?

Dreaming about a pet that you have recently lost, or that visits you in a dream even after years, could have both emotional and symbolic meanings. Most of the time, dreams like this are related to the emotional side and could simply mean that you miss your animal very much.

If he has just died, you probably struggle to accept that he is dead and can't stop thinking about it. Your subconscious mind keeps fantasizing about remembering the good times you had with him.

It can happen that these dreams become recurring especially if you did not get a chance to say all the things you wanted to say to your four-legged friend before he died. Or you didn't get a chance to say goodbye before he took his last breath, and the dreams somehow try to make up for it, even though you are not to blame.

Try to let go of these thoughts and try to do things that will help you move forward. Dreaming about your dead pet could also indicate happiness or positive change. It could be a sign that your dog is finally in a better place and doing well, that you don't need to worry and continue on your path.

Interpretations of dreams with your pet

Below are the 3 most recurring types of dreams of your pet.

I had one of these myself.


1 - Do you dream of playing with your pet?interpretations of dreams with your pet

I often dreamed of Argo, especially in the first months after his passing: we played happily and carefree in a field of sunflowers.

These dreams could mean that you still miss your beloved animal. So what you need to do is to give your heart, and your emotions, time to forget the sadness and accept his loss.

2 - Do you dream of your pet running away from you?

A dear lady who commissioned me a portrait of her cat Billy reported seeing him in her dream running away from her, and the closer she got the farther Billy ran.

This dream could mean that you are experiencing conflict in your life: financial problems, problems with co-workers, or personal struggles.

Maybe you have to make some important decisions in your life, and your pet escaping tries to show you the correct way?

3 - Do you dream of your animal with you and another person?

To dream of your deceased dog with you and another person could be a sign of a potential fight or disagreement in your relationships.

Perhaps you have had a fight with a loved one or are about to have a fight with people close to you, and in your dream you see that person as well as your pet.

Dylan, another client who commissioned me a Flowerpup portrait, told me in this article how Ulysses helped him make peace with his brother.

Our animal friends can help us in many ways, obscure to us. If you happen to dream of your pet showing you in some way that you need to make peace with your friend, or relative, maybe you should listen to him and try to make peace.

Maybe it was just a petty fight, but even if it wasn't, talking could definitely help.


It is absolutely normal to dream about your pet. If your furry friend has just died and you can't stop seeing him in your dreams, it could be a sign that you miss him or it could refer to some of the experiences you are currently having in real life.

Pay attention to what you are currently going through.

Does your pet visit you in a dream?

Please tell me by replying to this email, I can't wait to read about your thoughts.

A big hug,


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I dreamed of my dog walking in front of me I called but she acknowledge me following her she started sticking her now in the ground ad then he disappear ed


My Gus pasted on February 29 2020. We all miss him so much especially me. I have not had a dream about him. Does that me he is not happy where he is? Want to see him at least in my dreams!!!!!!!!

Mary Anne

My Gus pasted on February 29 2020. We all miss him so much especially me. I have not had a dream about him. Does that me he is not happy where he is? Want to see him at least in my dreams!!!!!!!!

Mary Anne

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