Who am I?

My name is Helen (Elena) and i am an Italian mom who loves graphics design.
After a pet loss me and my husband Gio decided to find a way to help people cope with the bereavement... so i contacted freelance artists from all over the world who want to share the mission with me... this is why Flowerpup exists!

How does it work?

It's really simple!

  • When you place your order you need to upload a picture of your pet
  • Then we work on your artwork and when ready we send you a preview
  • If you love the result i process the printing of the artwork

If you need revises we can grant 100% FREE revisions until you are happy with the finaly result!

That's it! 💝

How do you create the Flowerpup custom pet portraits?

We use the picture of your pet as base, we use photoshop to mix it with colours and then we add presets of flowers and splash colours on the background to make it amazing!

    What's the price?

    The price of Digital edition of the Flowerpup custom pet Portrait is 39,00$ 

    The canvas prices are:

    One Canvas 8x8" -> 25$

    One Canvas 12x12" -> 40$

    One Canvas 16x16" -> 55$

    One Canvas 20x20" -> 70$

    We can merge more pets into a single artwork! You just need to select more pets or humans in the order page :-)

    How long does it take?

    We try to work as fast as I can but we always want to deliver the best work possible... therefore we can deliver your digital portrait in about 2 or 3 working days or so.

    Sometimes we can take a little longer... but don't worry, when this happens is because we want to make sure everything is amazing!

    How is the portrait sent?

    It depends on what you select when you place the order.

    The Digital File is an HD File 5000 x 5000 pixel in 300 dpi! Perfect for every kind of surface! Also the biggest canvass! :)
    If you select a canvas, we will take care to get it shipped to your home as fast as possible.

    The shipping time is from 6 to 9 working days WORLDWIDE

    Can i ask for revise on my artwork?

    Please note that if no drawing details are added to the order we'll feel free to draw as i prefer. Any change in this way could have an additional charge.

    What quality should the photo I send to you be?

    The photos that you have on your phone are perfect! Since we create the artworks without automatic softwares, we just need your best photo so we can see how to create a beautiful portrait.

    Will I be charged for changes to my order after it's been confirmed and printed?

    It is the customer's responsibility to specify all details they would like in their order in the order notes. Any details not included in the order notes will be assumed by us and will result in additional charges if the customer requires changes.

    Our Pet memorial gifts are unique

    Our mission is to help people cope with the loss of a pet

    Why we create pet memorial gifts?

    If you miss your pet, you are in the best place you could be

    Flowerpup exists because we know firsthand what it feels like to lose a beloved pet. The sense of emptiness, loss, and sadness surrounds us and seems to never pass. Our pet memorial gifts are designed to help you cope with the pain and to be your happy companions when the pain subsides.

    The best memory you can have of your pet

    Our pet memorial gifts are made to give you a joyful memory of your beloved pet. That's why we use colors and elements of nature to represent it now that it is no longer with you.

    Sharing pain to overcome it

    "Every order we receive means putting a piece of our heart at the disposal of our customers. We understand what you are going through and are willing to share that pain with you. It is not easy to read your sad stories... but we care about being part of your suffering to help you overcome this moment.

    Being part of your happy future

    We are sure that you will overcome your moment of sadness, also thanks to our pet memorial gifts, and therefore we want to be part of your life even when you can laugh and be happy again thinking about the part of life you shared with your beloved pet.

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