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What is the Rainbow Bridge?

If you have lost a pet, chances are you have heard of the Rainbow Bridge.

This bridge is a mythical flyover that connects Heaven and Earth. A bridge that takes your pet to Animal Heaven, a lush, green place filled with meadows and flowers of all shapes and colors.

A place where your pet will have peace and serenity forever.

The portraits I create are reminiscent of this rainbow bridge: portraits filled with flowers, joy and positivity. I am sure that your pet, like my Argo, is up there and can watch and help you even if you are far away.


How the rainbow bridge can help you overcome grief

It all started from a poem, you can read it by clicking here, where I also tell a story about a lady and her dog who crossed the rainbow bridge.

When a pet dies, it's nice to think that there might be a happy ending, isn't it?

And the poem makes you think of a deeper meaning than his death, sweeter.

The poem may be helpful to a friend of yours who has lost his beloved 4-legged friend.


How do i know my dog crossed the rainbow bridge?

I still remember the first time I read the poem...

It had now been four and a half months since the loss of my dear Argo. A dear friend advised me to read it.

It touched my heart deeply... The first thing I perceived was an immense feeling of nostalgia: oh my god I missed Argo so much!!!

Then the dreams I had been having about him lately surfaced in my mind: I was in a very green meadow, full of beautiful and colorful flowers.

I could smell their fragrance, and the grass was so soft and fluffy-it felt like cotton!

I could see in the distance Argo running merrily and carefree to meet big butterflies of a thousand colors....

Until then our eyes met... He ran up to me all wagging his tail and we hugged for what seemed like an endless time.

What a wonderful feeling!

Smelling his lavender scent again (when I washed him I always used a natural lavender soap, it stayed on his super soft coat for days. That is, of course, if he didn't roll in the mud immediately after washing him!)

Then the dream would end as soon as I woke up. At first I had a deep sadness as soon as I woke up, and I really missed it.

Then I realized that I was dreaming about him exactly when I needed a friend, because I was lonely in my pain.

So I think YES the rainbow bridge exists! And when you miss your beloved friend so much, in a dream, the bridge comes down to Earth, and gives you a chance to cross it...

To run thus again to meet your best friend, to remember him and to help you overcome the pain of his loss.

So that you will never feel alone, because remember: you are not alone and never will be if you have had the honor of having a special pet like yours.


The rainbow bridge poem: my interpretation

I want to give you my interpretation of the rainbow bridge poem, read it as often as you like. I would be really happy to help you or someone dear to you in some way.

When you lose your pet, he will cross the rainbow bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and your special friend will be happy and pain-free.

In fact you should know that all animals who had been sick and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were injured or maimed are returned whole and strong, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times past.

your beloved friend is happy and content, except for one small thing -- he misses someone very special to him, who had to be left behind. And that someone is you.

But there are other ways you can meet: in fact, when you sleep, the rainbow bridge comes down to Earth and gives humans a chance to cross it too...

And when her gaze meets yours, her eyes become bright and joyful. His eager body trembles. Suddenly he starts running away from the group of his furry friends, flying across the green grass, his paws carrying him faster and faster.

Until you are united, in a warm and strong comforting embrace. An embrace that will help you day after day to remember the good times you had with him... And leave room no longer for sadness, but for happy memories -- forever.


Flowerpup portraits recall the rainbow bridge

What I create took inspiration from the rainbow bridge I crossed in a dream with Argo... The same colors, flowers and feelings I convey to her in my portraits.

In fact, there are even people who ask me to add the Rainbow Bridge, so they can feel closer to their pet. As if by looking at it you can cross it and go and hug your best friend.

So if you are pleased, I will portray your beloved pet in a Flowerpup portrait! And if you like, I will draw the rainbow bridge for you. So that you can cross it and always meet him again, every morning, as soon as your gaze rests on his portrait.

Just click the link below.

I give you a big hug you, and I hope this article can really help you!

Big hug,


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I fractured my hip 1 week ago…have a deaf Boston terrier named Nova. She is my life!! My daughters bring her in for a visit daily. She is lost without me and I am lost without her!! You brought tears to my eyes after reading this..it is so meaningfully beautiful!! Thanks you for sharing and I will always remember that you are there when the time comes for my baby, and I hope it’s not for a very long time!!!

Penny Reynolds

I’d love to have picture of my Shadow who was taken out of his fenced yard and killed 4 days later, they left his little body at our Marion quarry, in a puddle! He had just turned 14 the month before! My heart is shattered still even after 8 yrs!

Patricia Byrd

How beautiful I am crying,I love my babies so much and when this day comes I will be getting with you..Thank you 🤍

Stacy lay

I have 13 fur babies waiting for me. #14 still with me.


I believe in the Rainbow Bridge. I have 13 so far waiting for me. #14 still with me.


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