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Cat or dog? Find out with this personality test

Cat or dog? Find out with this personality test

Cat or dog? The ones who loves dogs don't like cats or they simply love both.

Me and my sister always had different preferences…..

She loves her two cats and I love my dear Argo.

Truthfully I'm an animal lover and I love both but if I have to choose I prefer dogs.

My sister has two beautiful ( and a little bit chubby) cats, a black cat called Fred and a ginger one called George (she’s a Harry Potter lover)

My sister and I have very different personalities, but we’re very close.

These differences came up even in our animal preferences that are related to our personality.

 In the following pages you will find a study about the personalities of those who loves dog and the ones that love cats.


Read it with one of your friends or with whoever is a dog/cat owner and do the test together.

Are you more of a dog or cat person?

I’m curious to know about your result!


dog personality

Dog personality or cat personality? a personality test

Dog personality or cat personality? Try the personality test and answer the 5 questions below!

1- Are you an energized person? or do you lean more into the power safe mode?

Results from a 2014 survey lead by Denise Guastello in Carroll University, show that 60% of the respondents (dog lovers) resulted more energetic than a barely 11% of the one who preferred saving their energy (cat lovers)

This because owning a dog keep people more active.

On the other hand, cat owners prefer activities who take up less energy like reading or cooking, because they don’t need to take their cat out on a walk


2- Are you an independent person?

Cats are often described as independent animals that tend to stay alone and are diffident towards others.

So those who love being alone and doing things by themselves prefer the company of a furry cat.. the ones who feel a little bit insecure on the other hand prefer the company of a dog.

It’s well known that dogs are seen as a sort of guard that protects you from possible thieves and can hear every single unusual noise during the night…. (let’s hope they don’t snore as loud as my dear Argo, not even a thunderstorm could wake him up)


3- Are you introverted or extroverted?

Referring to that 2014 study, professor Denise Guastello affirms that dog owners are more lively, more effusive and love to talk to others. 

Meanwhile cat owners can be more sensitive and introverted and prefer a much more quiet company like a book than being at the center of attention.

I don’t really agree with this example.. not everyone is the same.

In fact I much prefer quiet places surrounded by nature than going into department stores filled with people.

And I love books!

Argo always used to sit by me while I read a book before going to sleep.

I still remember his snout on my lap while I was reading on the couch… He looked at me with his big brown eyes, craving for some pets.


4- Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

A dog is more cautious, yes they can make a mess too but they know they will get scolded if they do something they shouldn’t, or they will get a treat if they’re a good boy… dogs are rule followers.

A cat? a cat if they want to tease you they do, and they fully enjoy it

I still remember my sister and her cat Fred (the black one): We were watching one of our favorite tv shows, Lucifer, drinking hot chocolate.

Fred came running in and hit the mug making in fall, making a big chocolate mess on the floor (fortunately no rug was harmed)

Do you see yourself in this situation? Are you more rebellious, like my sister’s cat or do you like following rules like a loyal dog?


5- Are you willing to try new experiences or not?

A study from the University of Texas in 2010 shows that those who own a dog like to plant things in advance and love a solid routine.

On the other hand, cat owners can leave their furry friend at home alone for long periods of time. 

They’re more at ease when planning in advance and more willing to try new things.

So how did it go? How did you answer these questions?

But remember, it doesn’t matter if you love cats or dogs more or if you love all animals…

What is more important is that we love our pet unconditionally!!

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