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Dogs and owners: what kind of bond do you have?

It’s well known that the relationship between dogs and owners is very strong, pure friendship, loyalty and allegiance.

This stands not only for dogs but with every pet you own.

But what are the benefits of having a dog in your life?

Find out by reading this article..

At the end you will find a 9 questions test to truly understand if you and your dog are true friends!


Relationship between dogs and owners: 6 benefits of having a dog in your life

What are the benefits of owning a dog?


1- The dog is loyal

Its loyalty doesn't know limits, it’s unconditional.. but why?

Because dogs became loyal creatures centuries ago..

But at the same time he knows that it’s you giving them food and cuddles.. after all that how can he not be loyal?


2- Your dog is good companionship

Even when you’re feeling down, your dog is right there next to you, staring at you with his big loving eyes.

It’s impossible to resist him even when you’re in a bad mood, he’s alway a positive note in your life.

But mostly when you own a dog, he’s a crucial part of your life, becoming a “shadow” in your everyday life. That’s why when your dog is not here anymore your life feels empty…


3- He’s always happy to see you

It's the best feeling when you’re coming home after a rough day and your dog is right there to greet you, moving his tail and jumping up to give you a lick showing you all the love he has for you.

Even when you’re out for 10 minutes… for him when you come back it’s like you’ve been out for an eternity.

And if your day at work went bad, you’ll know you have your dog right there for you giving you all the cuddles and love, making your day way better.


4- He makes you appreciate the little things in life

Did you notice it? your four-legged friend lives in the moment, appreciating every single little thing in his life.

Maybe that’s why you have such a strong bond with him, because he inspires you to live your everyday life in a better way, and appreciate your time with family and friends.


5- He loves you unconditionally

Did you notice? The love your dog has for you has no limits.. it lasts forever, without judgment or resentment

your dog doesn't care about your woes, they will still love you no matter what.

Dogs are not as complicated as humans!


6- He keeps you healthy

According to a recent study published in Nature, dog owners seem to have more benefits in regards to their health than people who don’t own them…In fact, whoever owns a dog will be much healthier thanks to a more active lifestyle.

How many walks do you do with your dog in a day? even just to go potty.

Owning a puppy means going out way more, taking them to daily strolls and this is an advantage to both us and our dog.

More studies suggest that women sleep better when they cuddle with a dog compared to when they fall asleep by a fellow person. ( a snoring husband, maybe?)

So next time you have insomnia, cuddle up with a dog!


Dogs and owner: 9 questions to understand if your dog is you best friend

I want to give you a silly test to make you understand if you and your dog are truly friends.

If you answer all the questions with a loud and sure YES… you’re full-fledged best friends.

So what are you waiting for? here’s the questions:


  1. Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?
  2. Do you bring your dog with you on a date?
  3. Do you leave your tv on for your dog when you leave the house?
  4. Do you plan your vacation according to where you can bring your dog?
  5. Do you refuse any plans just because you could not bring your dog with you?
  6. Do you have daily conversations with our dog and you’re happy to talk out loud with him?
  7. Do you use terms of endearment like “my son” or “my baby” to describe your dog?
  8. Do you have many nicknames for your dog?
  9. Do you have way more pictures of your dog on your phone than yours and your friend’s all together?



The questions above are not only for dogs owners but to everyone who owns a pet.

I’m convinced that Argo is still my best friend, even if he looks at me from above.

How many happy memories I have of him, and how many paintings I have of him and for him…

I’m sure you also have a portrait of your pet, or maybe more than one…

C'mon, let me know how many portraits you have of your loving pet, their memory will always be cast on that canvas.

Why not commemorate them in the comments down below?

I can’t wait to see their little faces



Ps. if you don’t have your personalized portrait on canvas yet, this is the right moment to get one.

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Yes to all questions. My dog is first in my life. If you really think about it, they come into your life and you have one purpose, to provide a safe environment and a lifetime commitment to love him/her for their whole lives. It’s my privilege to have the opportunity to provide these things and in return I get the huge reward of unconditional love.❤️❤️🐾🐾

Marianne Johnson

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