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Personalized portraits on canvas for your happiest memories

Do you want to remember this day by taking a perfect photo with your furry friend and transform it in a personalized portraits on canvas?

How many memories have you experienced with your four-legged friend? Surely many. Pets give you pure joy and make you feel carefree.

So what if one of those pictures will become a forever memory you can relive everyday? Maybe as personalized gift for Christmas or any other event of your beloved people's life?


Happy memories spent together

Your furry friend has a really vital role in your daily life and is an important part of your family: so it brightens your days when you’re feeling down, it keeps you happy and healthy making your daily life complete.

From the moment you meet your pet it becomes your best companion, your confident, your bodyguard, your cuddly puppy.

But I think there’s one specific thing your pet teaches you: to live the moment.

Did you pay attention?

Your pet only knows what’s happening in the present time, because his attention is on now. He don’t care about what happened in the past or what the future will hold for him. He's living in the moment, without expectations.

and you with him

  • during walks
  • when you play with them
  • the jokes
  • the lessons they give you

These moments will forever be part of your life.

Because your pet teaches you how to live every single moment of your life. Moments you'll want to remember forever.


Personalized Portraits

How can you remember all those happy moments spent together? Taking pictures, lots and lots of pictures!!

I'm sure your phone is full of those pictures of your pet

  • your pet with a funny face
  • your  furry friend rolling in the mud
  • your pet up to mischief
  • your pet with an ugly christmas sweater

endless photos of happy memories spent with him.

Most important also those selfies taken with your pet, also the ones you post on social media, and send it to your friends and family.

Those pictures are the token of your friendship, why not make them a forever memory?

 Why not make a personalized portraits on canva?

Short stories and their personalized portraits on canvas

This was a present from J. that made her sister burst into tears at this year’s mother’s day.

furry friend

And this was a gift from a mother to her daughter, a wonderful present where you can clearly see the deep connection between the little kid and her pet. 

perfect photo


How to choose the perfect photo for the personalized portraits

What picture perfectly represents the bond between you and your dear pet? Which memory do you want to remember forever?

This is a hard choice to make and it will take time, but I want to help you giving you some suggestions that will make this choice easier, for chose the perfect photo:

  1. The image resolution is important: so make sure your photo is clear but most importantly bright
  2. Choose a bright picture with no big distractions in the background like cars, light poles, random strangers, fences…
  3. If you have very similar pictures on your phone or pc choose the best ones and delete the other ones. This will help you make a decision and make room for more photos!
  4. Choose a picture that sparks joy, that’s candid and genuine. You’ll find the best photo because it will instantly make you think of that memory.
  5. Be blunt when picking your picture, indecision and rush will make you choose the wrong photo. Take your time and choose wisely.

This choice can be hard, I know, but if you need any help I’ll be glad to help you find the best picture and transform it into a beautiful and wonderful Flowerpup personalized portraits.


I hope this article will help you with the choice of your photo so that we can create the perfect portrait of your dreams, that truly represent those happy moments spent with your pet.

You only have to send your chosen photo to me and my team, we'll do the rest.

See you soon,


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