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Does dogs Have a Soul?

I am convinced that you think your dogs have soul.

When our beloved animal dies, you may feel that your relationship with him still lives on, as if it had never disappeared.

It's as if you perceive his soul wandering around the house...

You may even feel his presence in the house or dream about him, or during the night...

Or hear sounds similar to your cat scratching...

Or your dog barking in the distance...

Maybe even when you're thoughtful and looking out the window, or listening to a song...

Has it ever happened to you?

It could be a product of your imagination, and often you think it really is.

But what if it's not? And what if your animal really wanted to send you a sign? What if he wanted to be close to you even though he crossed the rainbow bridge?

In this article, you will find 12 Signs From Deceased Pets.

Some of them I experienced myself...

does a dog have a soul

Does a Dog have a Soul?

My beloved Argo often comes to visit me in my dreams. This happens especially in situations where I have to make important decisions and don't know which way to turn.

Argo comes in my dreams, and magically everything seems clearer!

I remember a time when I was about to make a decision that could have changed my life, and that night, Argo appeared in my dreams. He looked me in the eyes and seemed to say "Don't worry, everything will be alright". And so it was!

Or as happened to Dylan, where his pitbull Ulysses came to say goodbye to him in his dream at the exact moment he was dying. Ulysses helped him, even in his dream, to make peace with his brother, with whom he had been fighting for several months.

It's a story that touched me a lot and made me reflect on the possibility that animals may even guide us beyond.

Pure coincidence?

I don't think so.

I believe that our pets protect us from the afterlife and guide us along our life's path, always by our side.

Even if they are not physically present, they could be with us in ways we cannot fully understand. This makes me feel protected and gives me the strength to go on every day, knowing that Argo is still with me, even if only in my dreams.

dog soul

Why do You feel the Soul of your Pet, even If he Crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

If your pet has passed away, you may notice subtle signs of his presence.

These signs can take many forms...

Like a light breeze that seems to carry his scent, or a sudden movement of objects in the room that cannot be explained.

You may perceive your puppy around the house even if he is no longer with you physically, and maybe he wants to communicate that he is okay, and not to feel alone.

These signs can appear immediately after death or many years later, and may also include dreams or visions.

Believing or not in these signs from beyond is a personal matter, but recognizing the potential signs of your pets will help you keep them close to your heart and live in your memory.

Also, you may hear a meow or a bark that seems to come from nowhere...

Or notice one of your pet's favorite toys mysteriously appearing in an unexpected place.

Or still, the sound of their dog's nails tapping on the floor, as if the animal were walking near you.

Although these signs may seem insignificant or random, for me they are signs of comfort and of the continuous presence of our furry babies.

No matter what signs you may notice, it is important to remember that your pet still lives on in your memories and emotions. Even though their physical presence is no longer with you, the love you shared will last forever.

Below are 12 of the most common claims about manifestations of deceased pets. If you notice one or more of these signs, your pet may not be as far away as you think.

Signs From Deceased Pets

12 Common claims of Signs from Deceased pets

1. Familiar sounds Of your Dog's Soul

If you happen to notice a particular sound when your pet is no longer with you, it may make you think.

It could be the jingle of his collar...

The dull sound of his tail wagging against furniture...

A faint bark, cry, or whimper...

These are signs that your deceased pet is still with you in some way, I'm sure.

dog soul

2. Familiar smells Of your Puppy

As we know, our furry friends have their characteristic smells, both good and bad.

Even if months or years have passed since the death of your pet, you may suddenly smell a familiar scent and wonder if it's your beloved furry friend greeting you.

It could be the smell of your pet's shampoo...

Or the smell of his breath...

If it's raining, you might even smell the distinctive scent of wet fur when you open a door or window...

I still remember that in the first few months without Argo, I smelled the lavender shampoo everywhere. I miss him immensely.

3. Sudden Memories

During your normal day, you may be struck by a sudden memory of your pet, for no apparent reason.

Many of us see this as a sign that their beloved companion is with them in spirit. If the memory is happy, your pet may be trying to let you know that he is okay.

4. Songs

Surely there is a song that you sang to your pet or a song that reminds you of the time spent together.

If that song comes to your mind out of nowhere, or if it suddenly plays on the radio, it may be a sign from your pet.

5. Physical Feelings

Have you ever felt your cat's caress or your dog's tail on your leg, even when there is nothing there? Can you recognize that feeling when your pet is comforting or greeting you?

Other signs from your pet may include your pet's breath on your skin or a playful bite on your hand or foot. You may also perceive the scratching and pressure of a deceased feline friend's small paws.

Be sure that your pets know how to make you feel loved and comforted, even when they are no longer with us.

6. Interacting with Other Pets

If you stroke another person's dog and notice the same smile as your deceased friend, or if a cat comes to your house that looks like yours, it may be a sign from your deceased pet.

These experiences can be interpreted as connections with our beloved pets who have left us.

sign from afterlife

7. Signs in Nature

Have you ever looked at the sky and seen a cloud that looks like your puppy? It often happened to me with Argo.

Or see insects you've never seen before.

When I started taking care of a large pot of sunflowers, there was always a blue dragonfly buzzing around.

You too may notice a dragonfly near your home, where you have never seen one before. Similarly, you may encounter a symbolic bird while out for a walk.

Whatever animal or insect starts to appear after your pet's disappearance may be a sign.

8. Dreams

I am convinced that the spirits of our four-legged friends can visit us in our dreams.

If you suddenly have a dream that revolves around your pet, or if your pet appears in your dream, it may be a sign from your beloved companion.

Often, Argo in my dreams helps me make very important decisions.

9. Unexplained movement

Do you keep noticing a small, fuzzy blur out of the corner of your eye? Or do you simply see shadows around the house... Perhaps right where your pet used to be?

Signs of unexplained movement like these could be considered signs of a deceased pet from beyond.

10. Shapes

Some of us see flowers blooming in the shape of their pet's face. Or trunks in parks that take the position of your puppy in some way that is impossible for us to explain.

If you notice shapes in nature or around your home that remind you of your pet, it could be him trying to let you know he's okay!

11. Dates and Times

If you regularly check the clock and notice that it always reads the same time, it may be a sign. Consider if the time on the clock is symbolic of something, like the time of your pet's death or a special moment you shared with him.

For example, it could be the time you usually feed your pet or take him for a walk.

Also, be careful if you find coins out of place. You may find a coin with your pet's birth year or the year you adopted him, which could be a sign that he is with you.

12. Your pet's Name

Your pet's name is very important to you. If you suddenly see it somewhere, you will notice it immediately.

If your puppy's name appears unexpectedly, it may be a sign that your beloved pet is greeting you.

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There is no scientific evidence of the existence of the soul in dogs or other pets, but many people believe that their pets possess a soul and continue to exist in some form after death.

Many of us often report experiences of signs that they believe come from their deceased animals.

All these signs remind you of the unbreakable bond that you and your puppy had, and will have even though he has crossed the rainbow bridge.

I still feel Argo next to me. And he inspires me in creating unique pet memorial gifts that I paint every day on my laptop to help people who, like me and many members of the Flowerpup team, have had to face the loss of their pet.

Have you seen yourself in one or more of these 12 Signs From Deceased Pets?

Let me know in the comments.



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