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Is there a bond between pet and owner, in the afterlife?

The bond between pet and owner is immense, and it is a bond that can extend beyond life. Just like the story of Dylan and his black pitbull Ulysses, which I tell you about in this article.

But before I tell you their full story. I ask you a question: have you ever had a dream about your pet or sensed him next to you after he passed away?

Do you think these are coincidences or do you believe that our animals communicate with us from the afterlife?

Their souls are always watching over us, as if they were our guardian angels.


A dog's love comes in the most unexpected forms

"Ulysses, my beloved pit bull, was sick. He had been diagnosed with a rare disease that had not allowed him to walk for several months now [...]."

Tells Dylan from Italy, in an e-mailed letter:

"[...]I had to leave for a business trip to Germany and entrusted Ulysses to my older brother. I begged to mu brother to keep him so that he would take care of him in my absence.

But I felt that something bad would happen to Ulysses if I left. But it was a temporary feeling, to which I did not give much importance.

The trip to Germany was going well until, on the night of the third day, I dreamed of Ulysses. Ulysses completely healed in the dream! He was standing on his paws, running and jumping with me in a meadow full of daisies. We were over the moon with joy!

The next morning, caught up in the euphoria, I called my brother  to tell him about the dream.

But what my brother told me on the phone chilled the blood in my veins...

That very night Ulysses closed his eyes for the last time.

I tearfully asked my brother what time the death occurred. The answer left me stone-faced: Ulysses died at 3:45 a.m., the exact time I woke up after dreaming of him fully recovered."


The message of Ulysses: a proof of afterlife?

"Helen, you will take me for a fool, but I am convinced that Ulysses had come to say goodbye to me in a dream before he left for good, telling me that he was all right and no longer in pain."

Dylan continues in his letter:

"And I'll tell you more - that was not the only episode in which I met Ulysses in a dream.

In fact, you should know that I once had a big fight with my brother Cristian and for 2 months we did not speak to each other.

I had a dream in which I was walking with Ulysses near my brother's house. At one point Ulysses stopped and would not move from the entrance of that house.

Well, you may not believe it but the same day I had this dream, my brother call to me and we made up."

I was moved to reading this story. Ulysses still enjoys cheering Dylan's dreams.

I find myself in Dylan's words because it happens to me, too: in fact, Argo visits me in my dreams from time to time.

And also, beautiful sunflowers continue to grow on his grave (if you don't know my and Argo's story click on this article).


Animals beyond life: a special bond that will not be broken

The bond between us and our pets is one of genuine love, which even death cannot take away.

It is a magical relationship based on trust and one that continues even after death, just as happened to Dylan.

I am convinced that this story is not the only. Many peolpe see themselves in his word: Have these kinds of dreams too?

It was Dylan's dreams that healed him from the pain of losing Ulysses.

As he in fact says:

"He would often come back in my dreams to visit me and we would run merrily and happily through the meadow of daisies. Thanks to these visits from him I now know that he is well and that he is always watching over me so that I will be well in turn."



Dylan commissioned me to paint a portrait of his pitbull, surrounded by colorful daisies. Every morning he sips his coffee looking at Ulysses' portrait, convinced that Ulysses is always watching him and watching over him.

I hope I have brought a smile to your face by reading this article and given you comfort in your moment of sadness.

If you have pleasure and want to tell me the story of your bond with your pet, feel free to email me. I will gladly read it and (if you want) share it with those who are currently suffering from the loss of their furry friend.

I'll be waiting for you,


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It’s going to be a year on June 26,I lost My beloved Milk and I am still having a hard time
I miss him so very much. He was. My joy and help me through cancer.and many other trials. I
Loved him all his life and will miss him the rest of my life

Carol Cuellar

My Gus got his wings on February 29 2020 and I miss him dearly. In 2019 my mom started having mental issues and Gus health started failing. He was there for me during her difficult period. You see when we had to let go of him I also was in a high anxiety period.. I was on a very dark place than Covid hit. I never got to cry after we had to say good bye. I am still to this day crying over him. He was my best friend and walking buddy. I just wish I could see him in my dreams. Gus you are long gone but WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN until we MEET AGAIN LOVE YOU and MISS YOU

Mary Anne

I just lost my dog 8 months ago and that was the hardest thing I went through. I was 16 when I first got her and I am 30 now. She helped me in so many difficult situations in my life. I still have trouble sleeping at night and I have a couple dreams of her and I feel her sometimes and I still talk to her. I know that’s crazy lol. She helped me with my aniexty and depression. She only trusted me. She liked my boyfriend and that is it but it took her 6 years for her to like him and she still didn’t like him messing with me lol. She is my guardian angel. She was a wonderful dog though. And I am blessed she was my dog.


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