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'Wood' custom pet portrait

'Wood' custom pet portrait

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The personalized Wood style canvas is a wonderful gift for pet lovers!

Imagine the face of the people who will see it hanging on the walls of your house!

How to order? It's that easy!

✅Write your pet's name
Upload the best photo you have (VERY IMPORTANT)
✅We will create the most beautiful WOOD style canvas and send you a preview!
✅Then we print and ship it to you fast! Our products are printed locally!

How does it work?

We can print only 1 picture you send us on each canvas.

If you want more pets in a single print, please upload a picture where they are together and close one to each other.

Important: the wood effect is printed on a high quality canvas, it's not printed on wood.

How does it work?

  • Please, upload THE BEST and BRIGHTEST pictures of your puppies, it's very important for the quality of the final artwork.
  • Complete your order
  • I will create your Flowerpup Custom Pet Portrait digitally by hand with tender love, care, and attention. 
  • We need from 24 to 48 hours to create a Flowerpup pet portrait.
  • I'll send you the preview of your artwork by email and after you confirm it, the delivery time for the printed canvas is 5 to 9 working days.

What's the difference between Digital File and Canvas?

If you select DIGITAL FILE i'll send you your artwork only by email, it's a great quality file that you can use it to print wherever you want, many times you want.

If you select a CANVAS i'll send you the physical product to your home address.

What's Flowerpup Mission?

Our mission is to help people cope with the loss of a pet by delivering emotions with our art.

I'm Helen and I lead a team of designers who loves the Flowerpup custom pet portraits and create it with me from all over the world!

Each artist do their best to create a great Flower style portrait as tribute for your pet!

Our customers say that we help them cope with the loss of a pet, and we trust them.

I would like to thank you for making it this far and I really hope I can make special Flowerpup custom pet Portrait for you!

How do Flowerpup custom pet portraits are created?

We use the picture of your pet as base, we use photoshop to mix it with colours and then we had preset of flowers and splash colours on the background to create the best connections between you and him, especially if you suffered the loss of a pet!

We help people coping with the loss of their pets

When you order a Flowerpup custom pet portrait, you help people cope with the loss of their pet. A large part of the profits are used to manage our blog, pay our support team, pay a psychologist who writes articles, pay a video maker who transforms articles into videos with a voiceover to ensure blind people can listen to the contents.

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