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Modern Custom Pet Portrait

Modern Custom Pet Portrait

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Celebrate the love for your furry friend with our Modern Custom Pet Portraits!

These handcrafted portraits, created by our team of skilled artists, capture the unique personality and charm of your beloved pet.

Each piece is a work of art that brings your pet's spirit to life, making it a perfect addition to your home decor or a thoughtful gift for pet lovers.

Our portraits are printed on high-quality poster paper and come with a choice of various colored frames to match your style and decor. The result is a modern, stylish piece that is as unique as your pet.

How It Works:

  1. Submit Your Pet's Photo: For the best results, the photo should be taken from the front to capture your pet's face and personality.

  2. Select Framing: We'll print your artwork on high-quality poster paper and frame it in your choice of color.

  3. Artwork Creation: Our artists will get to work and hand-draw your pet's portrait with great attention to detail. We strive to capture the unique characteristics and personality of your pet in our style.

  4. Shipping: Your custom pet portrait will be carefully packaged and shipped to you. Expect to receive your order within 3-4 business days.

Please Note: The quality of the portrait heavily depends on the photo provided. A high-resolution image taken in good lighting will allow our artists to capture the details more accurately.

Order Your Modern Custom Pet Portrait Today!

There's nothing quite like the bond between a pet and their owner. With our Modern Custom Pet Portraits, you can cherish this special relationship and keep your pet close, no matter where you are. Let us help you create a lasting memory of your pet that you can treasure forever.

What's Flowerpup Mission?

I'm Helen and I lead a team of designers who loves the Flowerpup custom pet portraits and create it with me from all over the world!

Each artist do their best to create a great Flower style portrait!

Some of our customers say that we help them cope with the loss of a pet too, and we love to know it.

I would like to thank you for making it this far and I really hope I can make special Flowerpup custom pet Portrait for you!

How do you create the Flowerpup custom pet portraits?

We use the picture of your pet as base, we use photoshop and procreate to draw it manually and to mix it with colours... then we carefully add the right set of flowers to make it amazing!

How long does it take?

We try to work as fast as I can but we always want to deliver the best work possible... therefore we can deliver your digital portrait in about 2 or 3 working days or so.

Sometimes we can take a little longer... but don't worry, when this happens is because we want to make sure everything is amazing!

Can i ask for revise on my artwork?

Yes for sure! I'll do my best to make the portrait as you love!
Please note that if no drawing details are added to the order we'll feel free to draw as i prefer.

Can I have 2 or more pets in a single portrait?

YES! I can merge all the pets you need in a single portrait!
You just need to select hte right number of pets (up to 5) and select a greater canvas size (maybe 16x16" or 20x20")

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