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Add deceased loved one to photo custom portrait

Add deceased loved one to photo custom portrait

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I'm Helen and I lead a team of designers who do the best to Add deceased loved one to photo!

Our customers say that we help them cope with the loss of a a loved one and we trust them.

  • Please, upload THE and BRIGHTEST pictures you want to merge, it's so much important for the quality of the final artwork.
  • I will create your 'Add deceased loved one to photo custom portrait' digitally by hand with tender love, care, and attention. 
  • We need from 2 to 3 days to create a the portrait.
  • I'll send you the preview of your artwork by email and after you confirm it, the delivery time for the printed canvas is 5 to 7 working days.

Whats the difference between Digital File and Poster?

If you select DIGITAL FILE i'll send you your artwork only by email, it's a great quality file that you can use it to print wherever you want, how many times you want.

If you select a POSTER I'll send you the phisical product to your home address.

Add deceased loved one to photo

Our mission is to help people cope with the loss of a loved one.

Preserve the memory of your beloved family member or friend with our unique photo editing service.

Our artists skills allows you to add a deceased loved one to photo, creating a touching and lasting tribute to their memory.

Whether it's an old family photo, a special occasion or just a candid moment, we can help you create a beautiful image that will keep their memory alive.

Our artists are great when you need to merge multiple images into a single, stunning photograph.

You can add a beloved family member who has passed away to a group photo, or create a new portrait with your loved one as the centerpiece.

With just a few clicks, you can order it and we'll create a touching and meaningful image that you'll cherish for years to come.

Our experienced team of photo editors and artists understands the importance of creating a sensitive and respectful tribute to your loved one.

We work closely with you to ensure that the final image reflects their personality and spirit, creating a lasting legacy that honors their memory.

Don't let your cherished memories fade away - use our photo editing service to add a deceased loved one to your photos and keep their memory alive.

Why you should order your 'Add a deceased loved one to a photo' Flowerpup portrait.


Quality and Expertise

Flowerpup is renowned for the meticulous attention to detail and the expertise of our professional photo editors.

This ensures that the addition of a deceased loved one into a photo is done seamlessly and realistically, resulting in a high-quality, treasured keepsake.

Personalized Service

Unlike many competitors, Flowerpup offers a highly personalized service.

They take the time to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring the final photo aligns with your vision and honors your loved one appropriately.

Ease of Use

The process of ordering the 'Add deceased loved one to photo' service from Flowerpup is simple and user-friendly.

Their customer-focused approach means you will find it easy to navigate our system and communicate your needs.


Despite the superior quality and personalized service, Flowerpup's services are competitively priced.

This means you can get a beautifully crafted memorial photo without breaking the bank.

Respect and Sensitivity

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a sensitive matter. Flowerpup's team treats every order with the utmost respect and sensitivity, understanding the emotional significance behind each photo.

Our compassionate and considerate approach sets us apart from many competitors in the industry.

What's Flowerpup Mission?

I'm Helen and I lead a team of designers who loves the Flowerpup custom pet portraits and create it with me from all over the world!

Each artist do their best to create a great Flower style portrait!

Some of our customers say that we help them cope with the loss of a pet too, and we love to know it.

I would like to thank you for making it this far and I really hope I can make special Flowerpup custom pet Portrait for you!

How do you create the Flowerpup custom pet portraits?

We use the picture of your pet as base, we use photoshop and procreate to draw it manually and to mix it with colours... then we carefully add the right set of flowers to make it amazing!

How long does it take?

We try to work as fast as I can but we always want to deliver the best work possible... therefore we can deliver your digital portrait in about 2 or 3 working days or so.

Sometimes we can take a little longer... but don't worry, when this happens is because we want to make sure everything is amazing!

Can i ask for revise on my artwork?

Yes for sure! I'll do my best to make the portrait as you love!
Please note that if no drawing details are added to the order we'll feel free to draw as i prefer.

Can I have 2 or more pets in a single portrait?

YES! I can merge all the pets you need in a single portrait!
You just need to select hte right number of pets (up to 5) and select a greater canvas size (maybe 16x16" or 20x20")

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