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You're a Mom, too... a Pet Mom

Some people might turn up their nose at the idea of being called "pet moms," but personally I don't see anything wrong with this term. In fact, I consider myself a "dog mom." Argo, my beloved furry baby, was like a child to me.

Since his first day in my home, I took care of him with love and dedication. When he didn't know where to do his business, I taught him where to do it to avoid unpleasant accidents in the house.

I worried about his health, his happiness, and his well-being. When he was sick, I took days off work to stay by his side and take care of him.

Of course, I understand that many people might judge my passion for animals as a form of madness. But I don't care what others think. For me, being a "pet mom" means loving my pet unconditionally and taking care of him as if he were a member of the family.

I wouldn't trade my dog mom life for anything! 


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You know You're a Pet Mom when...

If you can relate to the points below, you're a true pet mom too!

You make a spot next to your bed for your pet to sleep...

Even if your dog ends up taking up the whole mattress or your cat falls asleep on your stomach. You want your pet to feel protected and safe next to you. Even though it can be uncomfortable to have a pet sleeping next to you.. You're happy to do it because you love him and it makes you feel good knowing he's okay and safe.


You decided not to go out to dinner with your friends after work because your pet had already been alone for eight hours.

You understand that your furry friend needs company and your affection, and that's why you preferred to stay with him.


Sometimes you cook homemade cat food or dog biscuits, even if you don't like cooking.

You've seen recipes for preparing healthy delicacies that should taste better than those bought in stores. And you want to make sure your pet eats good quality food made with natural and nutrient-rich ingredients.


You're willing to get soaked in the rain, clean the bathroom floor with good towels, and pull out disgusting hairs from the drain to give your pet a bath.

You know your puppy needs constant care and it can be challenging to take care of him. However, this doesn't stop you from doing everything possible to make him feel loved and pampered.

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You bought a toothbrush for your pet. Your furry friend's dental health is important, and you want to make sure his teeth are always clean and healthy.

Even though it may seem difficult, you're happy to do this small gesture... Because you know it will make a difference in your furry friend's life.


You slept on the floor next to your pet when he was sick. If your pet is sick, you want to be there for him and make him feel your love and support.

Even though it can be uncomfortable to sleep on the floor, you're happy to do it because your furry friend needs you and you want to make sure he's okay.


You cuddled a whining puppy during a thunderstorm.

When your pet is sad or scared, you want to be there to make him feel your presence and love. Even though it can be challenging to take care of a pet that needs cuddles, you're happy to do it because you want your furry friend to feel safe and loved.


You sang to make your pet fall asleep.

You know your furry friend needs tranquility and relaxation to sleep well, and you want to do everything possible to help him. Even though it may seem strange to sing to your pet, you're happy to do it because you know it makes him feel loved and pampered.

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You call home while on vacation to check on your pet and, yes, you also ask to say hello to him.

You don't want to feel too far away from him and you want to make sure he's okay and doesn't need anything. Even though you're far away, you want to let him know you miss him and you're thinking of him.


You took a day off work because your pet was sick.

If your pet is sick, you want to be there for him and make sure he receives the care he needs. Even if it means taking a day off work, you're happy to do it because your furry friend is important to you and you want him to always be safe and healthy.


You go out in the rain to take your dog for a walk.

Even if the weather is bad and it's raining, you know your dog needs to exercise and go outside. You want to do everything possible to make him feel loved and happy, even if it means getting soaked in the rain.

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You've sat in a vet's waiting room and prayed with all your heart.

When your pet is sick or needs care, you want to make him feel your love and support. Even though it can be difficult to face these situations, you're happy to do it because you want your furry friend to be okay and always safe.



"Happiness is a warm puppy."

The first Mother's Day with Argo

It was May 13th, and Mother's Day was just around the corner. It would have a special meaning for me this year... Because it was the first time I would feel like a real mother, thanks to my puppy Argo.

I woke up that morning with a wonderful surprise! Argo was sitting next to my bed with a red rose in his mouth, ready to give it to me when I woke up. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the sweetest gesture I had ever seen from him (and he was only 7 months old!).

My husband looked at me with a smile and told me he had organized a surprise for me and Argo. But he didn't want to reveal anything until evening.

We spent the day together in love

We taking long walks in the park, playing with the ball, and giving Argo many cuddles. He was happy, and you could see it. He knew it was a special day.

Evening came. And my husband took me to a wonderful location... A table was set with all the things I loved to eat: appetizers, first courses, second courses, and desserts, all accompanied by a bottle of fine wine!

But that wasn't all. My husband, with a knowing smile, told me to close my eyes. And when I opened them, I found myself in front of a giant cake decorated with a photo of me and Argo!

It was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen, with many candles lit, ready to be blown out. My husband looked at me with a smile and told me that was our Mother's Day, with Argo as the protagonist.

I couldn't hold back the tears, I was so moved and happy. Argo jumped on me, licking my face and showing me all his love.

That was one of the most beautiful and meaningful Mother's Day celebrations of my life! Thanks to my puppy Argo and my wonderful husband. I really felt like a pet mom.

Since that day, every time I look at that photo on the cake... I feel grateful for having had such a wonderful life with Argo, who loved me and still loves me from heaven, and who makes me feel special every day.

You make me the happiest dog mom ever.

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Loving animals And feeling Loved as a Pet Mom

When you have a dog or a cat, you discover that the statement "no one will ever love you more than you love yourself" makes no sense.

Pet animals are true masters of love, and every second spent with them is a precious gift. Loving an animal is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in life, and those who have experienced it know it.

My dog is not just a pet, he's part of my family. He has been and always will be.

It's often said that those who have never had a pet don't know the purest and most selfless love. This kind of love is given without asking for anything in return, without resentment, and makes life more enjoyable and authentic through small things.

For many people, this concept can be difficult to understand, especially if they think of family as a blood bond. However, family can be understood in many different ways. Sometimes blood ties aren't enough to create a family; it's the significant relationships and authenticity of daily life that bring people and animals together.

Every positive emotion, wherever it comes from, enriches us and helps us grow. There's nothing wrong if every day we reserve a corner of the couch for our pets, along with our partner and our children.

Perhaps someone laughs when we say that our cat wakes us up every morning or that our dog knows we're sad before our father. However, they're part of our emotional life, and that's why we welcome them, integrate them, and recognize them as part of our family.

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Pet Mom Gifts

So, if you're a pet mom too, or if your mom has a furry baby as her second child besides you, or if you know someone who has a pet as a furry child, give them a Flowerpup-style portrait as a gift.

Here you can read how Flowerpup was born and my story as a pet mom, but at the same time, the portraits were born as a gift to those who have the honor, or have had the honor, of having a furry baby as their child in their life.



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