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Gift for mom: surprise her with these 4 unusual ideas

Gift for mom: have you ever wondered what to give her for Mother's Day?

If opportunities to meet are scarce (work, family and a thousand other life commitments, as you know, can sometimes keep you apart) this may be one of the many good times to "remember" of her.

But remember to do it all the time, even when it's not Mother's Day...Maybe organize some small activities together: it will definitely make her happy.

In this article I would like to give you the cue for 4 simple activities to do with her, to organize for Mother's Day or more generally to spend time with her.

I'm sure you'll surprise her, the result is guaranteed!


Mom is always with you

Mom loves you unconditionally. Of a sincere love, complete, instinctive and asks nothing in return.

Mom loves you for who you are, without ifs and buts and makes you feel special and protected.

"If there is a love that can be called true, it is the sincere love of a mother, an eternal and infinite love."

Her purpose in life since you were born is to raise you in the best way possible, giving you everything you need. Seeing you happy means for her to be happy in turn.

That's why making time exclusively to gift for mom is the best way to repay the effort and love she has given you, and still gives you, unconditionally.


What to give on Mother's Day?

One thing I've learned growing up over the years is always wanting to be there for my mom. That's why, even if work or unforeseen events don't always allow me to be, I try in every way to dedicate time exclusively for her.

This is why I don't want to give you the usual "material" tips to make for mom on her day of celebration. For these things you know that there are endless possibilities, just take a trip on Amazon or similar sites.

Today, I want to advise you to surprise her with an experience to live together. A space of your own that will remain with you for the rest of your lives.

Are you ready? Let's get started!


Gift idea for mom: activities mom will love doing with you

There are some activities and experiences that, if done together with her, will make her cry with happiness.

I'll list you my 4 cues:

Idea #1

Treat her to a day of wild shopping. Just you and her.

I still remember my experience a few years ago and how happy she was to have me advise and dress her. That was the day I took her to the biggest mall in the area.

Even though you and she have completely different tastes in clothing, take her shopping. I assure you, she will love it!

Help her find clothes that fit her well and maybe even buy her something similar, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a bracelet... She'll come home tired but over the moon!


Idea #2

Day of pampering in a spa: maybe with a nice couple's massage, for you and her. It will be a rejuvenating day for both of you.

A day where mind and body relax, and where there will be no shortage of talk and laughter. These are the moments where worries and stress disappear, leaving room for relaxation and good company.

If your mom's days go by hectic, between work and chores, an escape from stress will certainly do her good.


Idea #3

Foodie Weekend: I don't know about your mom, but mine is always attached to the stove, and woe betide her if she touches it! She always wants to cook. That's why she'll love a weekend away from pots and pans.

A getaway where she can taste new dishes and maybe find new recipes to repurpose and revisit in her own way once back home.

Most importantly, it is priceless to enjoy good food, conversation and fun with her daughter!


Idea #4

Is she a crazy person who loves adrenaline and fun? Then she'll love amusement parks. Did she ever take you there as a child? I'm sure she did.

Reintroducing her to it with the roles reversed could be a truly unique experience.

"All children eventually become adults. But only a few adults manage to remain children."

All adults, after all, want to feel like children and escape for a while from the routine and monotonous world of adult life.

The amusement park is a way to vent and release the child in all of us. That goes for your mom too!



The most important treasure you and your mom will always carry in your hearts will be the memories of your moments together.

Mom gave you time, dedication and life.

You can do the same with your time by giving some of it to her.

Do not neglect her!

A big hug,

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