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The story of elderly dogs abandoned who find a family

The other day I read a story of two elderly dogs abandoned in the kennel because they were "old".

The owners have decided to abandon them both overnight.

They took them to the kennel when they were old and with health problems, leaving them at the shelter as you would like a toy you no longer want to play with.

A gesture with insane cruelty.

In these lines I want to share their story with you.


Older dogs abandoned

Lilly is 21, Bill 13. They are two mestizos abandoned in the kennel by their family because they are too old.

Lilly is a mongrel without one eye, has heart disease and kidney failure. When they left her in the kennel their family had not given any information about her health... Fortunately the volunteers made the commitment to visit her and give him the care he needed.

But why elderly dogs been abandoned? The owners dumped it saying that they had difficulty following the needs and requirements of the dog, now elderly, and the same reasons were given for the abandonment of the other family dog, Bill.

He arrived at the kennel with Lilly, and was admitted to the Vet for health checks.

He had a very bad dermatitis and dental problems, and after a life spent together the two found themselves sharing the same fate.


Why are senior dog abandoned?

One of the most common causes is because health care costs are too high for an older dog.

Just think that insurance increases up to quadruple (and sometimes much more) every year. But when it reaches old age, prices just skyrocket.

Could it be a plausible excuse then to abandon them on the street or in kennels? Absolutely no!

Argo has given me a wonderful life, I never thought of abandoning him in the moment of his greatest need!

He made me a better person

Argo in fact made me more confident: stronger emotionally, more relaxed, more positive. But there is one thing that Argo taught me most of all... He showed me what happiness is... What it is like to be happy.

Try to think about it…. How often is your pet sad?

Very few times don't you find? Maybe when you are sad too, or when you scold him, or when you go to work...

You are happy when he runs towards you after a busy day of work, you are happy when you go out to walk with him... When you play with him and when he seeks you to receive cuddles, or when he gives them to you.

Your dog makes you happy and positive!

Read the article Can your pet help you become a better person? to know why your dog really makes you a better person.


A family for senior dogs

Lilly and Bill could risk spending the last few years of their lives separated forever: Not only from their adoptive family, but also separated from each other... forever.

Instead they got their happy ending.

The two elderly dogs have found a wonderful family that has adopted them both: Lilly now lives with Bill in his new home, and finally now they are peaceful and spend their days resting and enjoying pampering, care and sincere affection.

Age is just a number, what counts are emotions, trust, loyalty and the relationship with one's human life companions. And the two dogs together managed to find who could give them company, pampering and love until the last of their days.

Love between an animal and a person has no limits, it is unconditional. And that's what the story of Lilly, Bill and their new family proves.


Old dog portrait

It fills me with immense joy to read your stories every day.

Every morning I turn on my laptop and read what you write to me about your pets...

I read phrases like "I had to say goodbye to my German shepherd Mitzi 14.5 years young 7 weeks ago. My heart aches every single day. Life is not the same without her"

Or... "Sudi is a very spunky little 16 year old Pomeranian who always has a smile"

And more... "Jingles was with Chloe for 19 years since Chloe was 13 and they adored each other , Jingles was a quirky character but was so so gentle with Chloe's babies"

My eyes shine every day of how many people want a portrait of their pet! And there are a lot of old dogs !!!

Argo after 14 years he started not walking well... he was dragging his hind limbs with difficulty. And yet he always wanted to take his walks. Even just 100 meters, but we always did them.

I listened to all his requests, all his cuddles and whole days on the sofa because he didn't want to get up. I was always there, as he has always remained by my side and has always supported me.

I'll never forget it. And with your portraits I keep alive not only the memory of Argo, but the memory of all these souls who are forever faithful to us.

Thanks immensely from the deep of my heart!

if you like you can commission me a portrait of your pet, or give it away.

I can't wait to portray it for you.

A hug


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