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Can your pet help you become a better person?

In my experience I can say that Argo, my Labrador, made me to becoming a better person appreciating the little things in life.

When a puppy enters your life, you are not fully aware of how much he can help to becoming a better person. You will find out as you go along, taking care of him on a daily basis.

In my experience I can say that Argo, my Labrador, has made me a better person appreciating the little things in life.

Have you ever thought about that?

Bonding with your dog, cat or other animal friends can in fact...

  • cement your social relationships
  • develop your empathy and altruism
  • improve your leadership skills
  • strengthen your self-esteem

and much more!

Let's see together how your pet can make you a better person.

appreciating the little things in life

Becoming a better person emotionally

Argo made me more confident: stronger emotionally, more relaxed, carefree and happy. Studies show that people who live with pets are more likely to have higher self-esteem than those who do not have pets.

Why is this?

Your animal companion instills in you a sense of self-worth by reminding you of your ability to have a positive impact on another person's life. And by seeing how much positivity you can give to others, you consequently feel more confident, stronger.

But there is another thing your pet teaches you, something that is often taken for granted in everyday life: your pet makes you happy!

Try to think about it.... You get up in the morning and find in front of your bed (or on top of it many times) your dog wagging his tail happily, saying good morning...

Or your cat meowing because hungry, and the satisfaction of the purr he gives you when you have given him his favorite food puts you in a state of happiness.

Have you ever noticed-how often your pet is sad?

Very few times don't you find? Maybe when you are sad yourself, or when you scold him, or when you go to work..

  • you are happy when he runs up to you after a busy day at work
  • you are happy when you go out walking with him
  • you are happy when you play with him
  • you are happy when he seeks you out for cuddles, or when he gives them to you.

Your dog makes you happy and positive!

There are countless studies showing that pets are a rather wise investment for any human being.

Becoming a better person on a physical level

Your puppy help you to becoming a better person on a physical level.

The first benefit I experienced with Argo was to feel stronger.

At first, when Argo was small, he tended to pull on the leash a lot and I was quite petite. Over time, I strengthened my arms and legs by taking long walks with him.

Try to think about how many times you take your pet outside during the day. Your pet takes you for at least 30 minutes a day to walk outside in the fresh air.

And it just so happens to be that recommended 30 minutes that the doctor tells you to do every day so you don't live too sedentary a life.

In fact, one study found that 83 percent of people feel that their pet makes them more active, with 72 percent saying that getting an animal changes their exercise choices for the better.

The lessons you don't expect from your pet

Corrado (a boy on the Flowerpup team) and his cat were perpetually at odds in choosing a girlfriend: every time Corrado brought one home, Shyla would throw jealous tantrums and no woman would be allowed near her! Could it have been by chance? Or was Shyla cautioning Corrado in choosing a suitable mate?

Jokes aside, in addition to increasing the likelihood of talking to strangers and making friends on your neighborhood walks, your pet may also help you find love.

Think of the movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians!

Pongo and Peggie (two Dalmatians) meeting not only do they fall in love, but they first trip their masters with leashes, and then later make the two fall in love.

Maybe your pet has introduced you to the love of your life?

I would be curious to know!

But know that having your pet with you may make you feel more confident and easier to approach someone attractive and chat.

Not only that, people you meet might think you seem more approachable, relaxed or happy when you have your pet with you.

Appreciating the little things in life

If there is one thing I have most begun to appreciate since Argo, it is to appreciating the little things in life

Argo gave me a reason to come home when my husband was still at work.

A reason to appreciate going to bed early with him, exhausted from the constant games and trips out of town, a reason to get up early and appreciate the silence when everyone was still asleep outside and Argo had to do his business.

Thanks to him I noticed many more things: squirrels, sunsets, the smell after the rain....

All the things I used to take for granted because I was immersed in the duties of the day between work, household chores, endless traffic...and stress, unhappiness, monotony, boredom.


Pets really do make us better people

  • Both on an emotional level by transmitting values such as friendship, love, happiness, freeing us from monotony from stress...
  • Both on a physical level by leading us to walk and play outdoors, to decrease sedentariness.

What is your experience, is there one thing that your pet has particularly taught you?

Let me know in the comments.

I will read them with pleasure!

See you soon,


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My Gus has been gone for 3 years now. I miss taking him for walks. I go by myself and it is just not the same. I do not look at the things around me and appreciate them. You are long gone BUT WILL NEVER be FORGOTTEN

Mary Anne

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