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The magic of Christmas: pop art portrait of your pet

What if the magic of Christmas was captured by a pop art portrait of your pet?

Or what if you could give this magical Christmas portrait to a loved one of yours as a gift?

The first rains have arrived... The great warm weather is gone...

In the air I can already sense the first hints of autumn! A season I love because it is full of promise, sleepy afternoons and chestnuts in the fireplace.

A season of waiting, slowing down and taking stock.

Where everything we do and plan is aimed at one of the most beautiful times of the whole year: Christmas and the beginning of a new year.

Don't you already feel that magical atmosphere approaching? Don't you also dream, like me, of biting into a great Pandoro!

(It's a delicious Italian Christmas dessert sprinkled with powdered sugar and loved by all the children in our country because it's so soft and sweet as a brioche).

Or to enjoy a hot chocolate with a sprinkling of cinnamon while scribbling New Year's resolutions in a notebook?


The most magical time of the year

You should know that Christmas is the time of year I absolutely adore the most.

How I love to decorate my house!! Fill it with light, colors and lots of flowers!!!

And not only that, as I told you in the previous article: That Christmas portrait that gives peace to my heart, there is a portrait in my ceiling I am particularly fond of.

I always look forward to the month of December, of every single year, to place this portrait on my living room bookshelf, next to Christmas decorations and a thousand colored lights.

This beautiful pop art portrait keeps me company throughout the Christmas season.

There's me, my husband, my parents and Argo (my Labrador) hugging and smiling, surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers.

Every day in December, when I come home after work and a thousand daily tasks, that portrait enraptures me.

It brings me back to the present...

..And stops me for a few moments making me think of all the loved ones around me, reminding me how happy and loved I am, how grateful I am for all the good things I have in life.

It makes me feel safe, pampered.

It is my weapon against the hectic life, against the passing of time too fast, against the time we don't control.

All in the magical Christmas atmosphere, which amplifies these wonderful feelings even more.


The perfect Christmas gift to the one you love

At Christmas we are all better!

So why not try to help and give comfort to a friend at Christmas time?

The Christmas season, for some, can bring back memories of 4-legged friends who are no longer around. And perhaps it can bring sadness and an empty feeling to people in this situation.

You should know that I value my work... And the fact that colors and flowers can really help give positive emotions to each of us.

So why not give a pet portrait to a loved one for Christmas?

Help her and give her your comfort... Show her that you understand her and that you are there and will always be there for her!

It will be a double gift for her, both because she will have an unexpected surprise in front of her...

Receiving your friend in a floral portrait is a gift you don't expect. In fact if you look at the reviews you find here on my site you will see many videos and reviews of people who in receiving them were immensely happy with them.

 perfect christmas gift

But the double surprise will be that she will have a person beside her who understands her and who understands her state of mind, and who can always be counted on.

In short, a great person, because that is who you are, we all are!

So whether you want to surprise a friend, or dad or sister, their pet's personalized portrait is sure to be the perfect unexpected gift for Christmas!


Even if time goes by fast, you will always be there for your loved ones

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often forget to spend quality time with the people we love most.

It is precisely because of the hustle and bustle that Christmas Day is the time when we finally all come together, a tradition that has endured for a long time.

How then to let loved ones know that you care about them, even if work and the day's myriad commitments drain your energy?

A personalized Flowerpup style portrait can encapsulate all the love and positive emotions for an unexpected gift.


You can create a family portrait just like I did, or portray your parents' or sister's pet.

You can really make it clear that you care about them through a carefully created pop art portrait.

For me, that portrait that I unwrap every year and put in the bookshelf in the living room has immense value!

The portrait you will give as a gift may also have this same value.

What can you do therefore now?

Commission me the flowerpup portrait by clicking the link below, I will take care of that portrait just as if it were my own!

A hug,


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