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The Christmas portrait that gives peace to my heart

There is a Christmas portrait in my ceiling that I am particularly fond of.

I always look forward to the month of December, every single year, to place this portrait on my living room bookshelf, next to Christmas decorations and a thousand colored lights.

This beautiful portrait keeps me company throughout the Christmas season.

He really has the power to cheer and warm my heart whenever my gaze rests on it.

Why can a simple portrait be so important?

I'll get right to it, I promise!

However, I would first like to reason with you about the great opportunity Christmas holds for us to improve our lives.


Time flows inexorably

How often do work, daily commitments, and routine make us live a life that we don't feel is 100% ours?

Weeks go by, months pass, our children grow up, parents grow old.... And we feel that we are not living our life and enjoying the company of our loved ones as much as we would like.

We feel that we can do so much more if only we would stop and listen to ourselves and listen more to the people we love.

In this regard, I would like to share with you a short episode that recently happened to me and it really upset me.


Do we travel at the speed of light?

You should know that in Italy there's a hill, on the top of which there is a very pretty little church.

This church is a place of pilgrimage for many believers, who gather every year to walk up the steps (as many as 500 steps) and pay homage to St. Luke.

One day, as I was driving to visit a dear friend, my gaze distractedly landed on this very hill.

And suddenly out of nowhere, like a bolt from the blue, I was reminded of my mother...


You must know that my mother asked me, a few weeks earlier, to walk up the steps of that hill together to reach the little church at the top.

Walking those 500 steps had been her lifelong dream.

I distinctly remember promising her, with great enthusiasm, to accompany her to that church as soon as possible!

The only problem was.. She did NOT ask me a few weeks earlier.

..and not even a few months earlier..

But a good 4 YEARS had passed since she asked me!!!

That's right: 4 long years had passed since her request that I had unfortunately forgotten.... And in the meantime, difficulties in my mother's health have taken over and that it is now really difficult to keep that promise.

I assure you at that moment, when I saw the hill and thought of my mother, I chilled and felt like the worst daughter on the face of the earth.

Has a similar experience ever happened to you?


The true power of Christmas

Caught up in a life that we don't always control and that at runs fast, I am convinced that in Christmas plays a very important role.

Wrapped in a magical atmosphere, surrounded by a thousand lights and colors, Christmas reminds us that we need to stop and look inside ourselves.

This is the real, great power of Christmas.

To look inside ourselves to live better in the moment.


How can a simple portrait, make me live in the moment?

Returning to the famous Christmas portrait at the beginning of this article, it is done in a really simple way.

It depicts a scene of family life.

There is me, my husband, my parents, Argo (my Labrador) hugging and smiling, surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers.

Every day in December, when I come home after work and a thousand daily tasks, that portrait enraptures me.

It brings me back to the present.

And stops me for a few moments making me think of all the loved ones around me, reminds me how happy and loved I am, how grateful I am for all the good things I have in life.

It makes me feel safe, pampered.

It is my weapon against the hectic life, against the passing of time too fast, against the time we don't control.

All in the magical Christmas atmosphere, which amplifies these wonderful feelings even more.


Why a custom portrait is the best Christmas gift?

I am convinced from the bottom of my heart that a Christmas portrait, to be placed in a strategic spot in your home, can really help you live better.

In the same way it helps me.

If you want, you can get your copy, which I will personally curate, by clicking on this link.

I'll be waiting for you and send you a big hug.



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I am planning on giving this to a dear friend . SHE LOSS her best friend of 15 years. ITS the only pic I can get of him . Not sure if you can use it. I WOULD LIKE A CANVAS

Kim Bartulewicz

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