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Support pet: A pet as a companion in difficulties

Today I want to tell you a story. The story of how a support pet can fill your life and become a precious companion in difficulties

Louise is a lady in her sixties, she has been married to Mark for many years. Her two children no longer live with her and have made their own lives and their families.

You must know that Louise and Mark, being retired, have a lot of free time and they use it by traveling and playing sports.

In particular, both are tennis enthusiasts. It was precisely the passion for tennis that made them know, approach and fall in love during their adolescence.


A guide dog to assist Louise

They have never moved away from each other, they have built their family with two much adored children!

Unfortunately, however, Louise and Mark had to deal with a health problem that changed Louise's life forever.

One day, Mark noticed that his wife was having difficulty in doing daily life such as cooking, washing dishes, etc.

Even playing tennis had become difficult for her, so much so that Louise and Mark decided to stop their training. Mark, at first, didn't give weight to the matter, as he was convinced it was due to age or tiredness.

But unfortunately, as I'm about to tell you, things are very different. Louise then underwent several medical checks. After many visits and tests, the ophthalmologist informed Louise that she had impaired vision due to maculopathy.


Bad news that can change a life

That disheartening news, as you can imagine, caused quite a stir in Louise and Mark's lives.

Despite this, the couple tried to continue their lives without losing heart.

They have started interacting with various associations that protect people with visual impairments.

Mark, since his wife discovered she has this disease, has worked hard to help her as much as possible.

In fact, he searched for a lot of information on the web and at a certain point… he came across a site of an association that looks after, trains and supplies guide dogs to the blind.

Mark has always been against having a pet, he's never been much of an animal lover.

He has always believed that adopting an animal was a commitment both in terms of money and time. However, the situation has changed and he knew how much Louise wanted to adopt a support pet dog.

Mark then decided to put his love for Louise ahead of his preferences.


A surprise that comes from the heart

One morning Mark decided to surprise his Louise: with the excuse of taking her for a ride to the lake to relax, he takes her, without her knowledge, to the very place where the guide dog breeding association is located.

Once arrived at destination Louise, incredulous, exclaims: "But... we're not at the lake here... is it a guide dog school...?" and Mark smiling at her "you've always wanted a dog, right?".

Louise understands immediately and screams with joy as she embraces her husband, then they walk towards the association building.

In the offices of the association Louise, super excited, signs papers and forms to have her new friend.

After a year of waiting and after an intensive course, our Louise finally brings home her puppy, Rocky, a beautiful specimen of white Golden Retriever.

Ever since Rocky came into Louise's life, Mark has completely reevaluated his approach to animals. Rocky is an obedient and playful puppy.

But the thing that heartened Mark is seeing his beloved Louise smile again.


A new kind of love

Louise is no longer able to play tennis, but she has discovered another kind of love: that for her support pet friend who never abandons her and who proves to be a precious help in her independence and when traveling outside the home.

She has discovered how much love and companionship an animal can offer her.

But now I'll tell you how I learned about this incredible story.

This morning, since my children were home from school, I thought I'd take them to the park to let them have some fun.

And guess what? Right there I met Mark, Louise and the splendid Rocky.

I admit it, it was partly thanks to my children: intrigued by the dog with Louise's harness, they started asking them a lot of questions.

That's how Mark told us the whole story, but not only that.. Louise took Rocky's harness off and started playing with my kids and dog!

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Commemorative portrait to celebrate a new bond

And that's not all: while Mark and I watch the scene with amusement, he tells me that he is looking for a gift for Louise for Christmas…

“You know, I was thinking of something as a souvenir, a photo, or a frame… or even a photo album , in short, something that she can still see a little before she loses her sight completely! In your opinion, Helen, could this be a good idea?”.

I stared at it and remembered that that morning, before leaving the house, I had put a bunch of Flowerpup business cards in my purse.

Coincidence that I had put them in my bag that morning?

I don't think so.. So I pulled out a note and as I gave it to him I whispered "what if I was the one to make a portrait that you can give to your wife?"

How did it end? Mark accepted the proposal, as soon as I left with my children, he took a series of photos of Rocky and Louise which he then sent me to order the frame.

Ah, you have no idea how happy and excited I am!

I can't wait to ship the finished frame and I really hope Louise enjoys it.

And what do you think of this story?

I await your comment!

With love,


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