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Pet Portraits from Photos: What Size to Choose?

How big should your pet portrait from photo be?

Imagine where it will be hung...

Will it be the centerpiece on a large wall that illuminates your living room?

Or on a smaller wall in the hallway to greet you when you come home?

Or perhaps on your studio table, so it can keep you company while you work?

The place where you will hang it will have a big impact on which size would be best for you. Larger sizes will allow you to include more details, and therefore the possibility of incorporating all the personality of your furry friend... Resulting in such a special portrait that your beloved pet will almost seem to come out of the frame and give you a nice lick on the face!

Choosing the right size for your pet portrait may require some reflection. There are indeed some important aspects to consider, both from a practical point of view and to ensure that your artwork captures the essence and unique personality of your beloved pet.

This small guide will help you get a clearer idea of which size will be right for you.

pet portrait from photo

Pet Portrait from Photo: Choosing the Photo

Even before choosing the size of your portrait, there is one fundamental thing to consider, which is which photo to choose to create the perfect portrait.

I cannot stress enough how important the choice of photo is: the better the input, the better the portrait I can produce and the happier you will be.

Choose your favorite photo, the one that makes your heart beat as soon as you see it and that makes you exclaim "This is my puppy".

Each of our animals has a pose, a look, or a characteristic that distinguishes them, so it must be in the photo.

I talk more about this in the first part of the guide for the perfect pet portrait on canvas

But at the same time, there are some technical characteristics to consider:

Is the photo in focus? And Is your pet well lit?

Is there good contrast and a good range of shades between light and dark areas?

The higher the resolution and brighter the photo, with your pup's colors well defined, the more I can work on the details that most distinguish your furry friend.

But now let's get back to the size of the portrait...

"Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts."

Will your Puppy portrait Be hung On the Wall?

If you have decided to commission a portrait, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that the end result is the best possible.

One fundamental thing is to consider where you intend to hang the portrait.

If you plan to hang it on a large living room wall, then a larger portrait would be more suitable.

On the other hand, if you're thinking of hanging the portrait in a more intimate room like a bedroom or a hallway, then a smaller portrait might be more appropriate.

I have a large portrait of Argo (Dimensions 20x20) hanging in the living room, above the fireplace. It was his favorite spot! In winter, after a day in the woods (and a nice bath), he spent the evening near the fireplace to warm up and rest.

It was tremendously beautiful to see him snoring deeply in that corner!

When I enter the house, my gaze is always drawn to the portrait of my beloved Argo. This artwork is so special that it almost seems to greet me every day with confidence and giving me courage.

Your portrait of your pup could have the same effect.

puppy portrait

How big Is your Pet?

I'm sure your furry friend has a huge place in your heart...

But it's worth considering the physical size of your pet when choosing the size of your artwork.

If you have a rather large pet like my Argo, the larger size could also show his body, and a majority of additional details compared to a smaller size.

I would be able to work with a very high level of intricate details, which will really bring your artwork to life.

Of course, you could have a much smaller furry companion like a Jack Russell or a cat. In this case, you can opt for a smaller portrait size that is more suitable for the physical size of your pet.

If you have chosen a full-body portrait, keep in mind that this will result in a smaller head compared to a head and shoulders portrait of the same size. You may therefore want a slightly larger size to really highlight your furry friend's wonderful character and soul.

pet portrait canvas

How many Pets will Be in your Pet portrait from Photo?

If you like the idea of having more than one pet in your drawing, it is important to consider the size of your image. If your image is large enough, you can draw each animal with more detail and realism. In addition, you may want to think about how to position the pets in your image to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

"Dogs are like potato chips. You can't have just one."

Introduce Me to Your Pet

Creating pet portraits from photos is a journey that starts long before I sit down to draw... While many think it's just about drawing a photo like for like, there's much more to consider.

First of all, I have to know the pup I'm about to draw:

Their personality and habits

Their distinctive traits

Only then can I capture their essence in their portrait.

In addition, I have to consider the composition of my work. So which elements to add to create a balanced and interesting image.

Finally, the drawing process itself requires time and patience... As I have to make sure to capture every detail and shade.

In summary, creating a portrait of a pet is an experience that requires an eye for detail and a great love for animals.

The same love that I gave, and still give to Argo... Even though he has long since crossed the rainbow bridge.

pet portraits from photos

Pet Portrait Canvas: Your Pet's Story is Important

To truly understand your pet and draw them to the best of my ability, I rely on your experiences and stories.

To create the perfect portrait of your pet, it is essential that I know your four-legged friend well. Before starting any project, I always ask you to tell me as much as possible about your pet.

I like to receive a long email that tells special moments shared with them... Funny stories and detailed descriptions of their distinctive traits, likes, and dislikes.

These details help me capture the essence of your furry friend and create a unique portrait that is true to their personality.

As I read your words, your pet's photos come to life in my mind. And I begin to understand the expression in their eyes, the energy they emanate, and what makes them tick!

But something very special also happens: I feel the love you have for your pet shining through in every word you write. This connection you have with your pet really helps me capture a portrait that is so full of life and true to their character.

So, to get the perfect portrait of your furry friend, don't hesitate to share with me all the details that make them unique and special to you. We are here to create something unique and precious that will represent your pet forever.

I can't wait to start working on your portrait! And to create a piece of art that captures the soul and essence of your furry friend.

Know that I will put all my love and passion into every stroke of my drawing.

A hug,


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