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Guide to Your perfect Pet portrait On canvas

I know, choosing the perfect photo to turn into a pet portrait on canvas is really tough... in fact, it's almost an impossible task.

(That's why in my free time I dedicate myself to turning all kinds of photos of Argo into different Flowerpup portraits. But it's precisely from there that I get so many new ideas for you and for everyone who wants a Flowerpup portrait).

In this article, I want to help you as much as possible in choosing the photo that best represents the essence of your furry little friend.

I want to make sure that your finished portrait is the best possible and accurately reflects the unique personality of your pet. Choosing the right photos to work on is a key ingredient in achieving this goal.

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing the reference photo of your pet. First of all, it should reflect your puppy's personality. And capture it in the way and position that you like the most.

And then there are technical aspects that I will explain in more detail below.

dog portrait on canvas

How difficult Is it To choose The right Pet photo?

Many of you write to me via email or social media, asking for help in choosing the photo that best represents your furry little friend. And I know that often you are undecided between 2-3 or 4 photos where your pet looks its best.

That's why I created this guide.

However, there is an important fact and I would like you to read it carefully: I cannot choose the right pet photo for you (unless your pet is clearly visible in the photo)...

Why can't I do it?

Choosing the right photo is very personal. That photo must accurately represent the pose, face, and everything else that reminds you of your furry friend.

The photo must really express all the love of your pet, so that I can turn it into the personalized portrait that embodies its true essence.

I know it's difficult, and I created this guide specifically to help you find that photo that really reflects your beloved pet, so that you can always have it with you, even if it's no longer physically present.

The essence of your beloved pet will always watch over you

Keep reading so that you can choose the perfect image for your Flowerpup portrait.

Choose the Pet photo For your Pet portrait on Canvas that Best represents its Essence

I'm sure your pet has a particular aspect or expression that melts your heart. Or it has some adorable features that you love.

It could be its joyful, and somewhat goofy, smile that only it can make... Its sweet and gentle eyes that make your heart melt like butter... Or its graceful floppy ears... Or its favorite position.

Keep these things in mind when choosing or taking photos of your pet, as these will be the photos that will help me capture the true essence of your pet and turn it into your personalized portrait.

pet portraits on canvas

Here's an exercise that can help you choose the photo if you're undecided

Close your eyes and ask yourself this question in your head: When you think of your pet, what mental image do you immediately create?

You will surely recall images that you have in your heart... These are the ones that you need to choose the right photo!

You just have to write on a sheet of paper how you imagined your pet in your mind...

Was it sitting in a particular position?

Did you see only its sweet face with the smile that only it can give you?

Was its favorite toy or something it was attached to also present?

Was it in a meadow, or in the water?

Did you see any particular colors or flowers that you want to have in the portrait?

Please write down everything! You will see that choosing the photo will be so easy.

How to tell if the photo is the right one to create a personalized portrait?

Once you've done the exercise I suggested above, take your phone or wherever you keep your pet photos and start browsing...

You will know which photo is the right one because as soon as you see it in your mind, you will exclaim "This really captures the essence of my pet!"

A pet is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself

– Josh Billings

Now let's move on to the slightly more technical section (but not complicated, I promise), to understand if the photo you have chosen is perfect for your pet portrait.

Watch out For lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in choosing the photo of your pet. Images that are too dark or overexposed make it very difficult for me to see all those little details that make your pet unique.

Backlit photos, or those with little light, do not allow me to understand the true color of your dog, and capture its personality.

That's why the photo must be well-lit. Below are an example of what good lighting could be like.

pet photo

Here are an example of what your photo should not be like in terms of lighting.

custom pet portrait on canvas

Details matter To capture Your pet's Essence

The more details I can see in your photo, the more I can work on your portrait. Make sure all the photos you send me are high resolution and clearly focused. This will help ensure that your photo captures many details.

If everything looks very blurry when you enlarge the image, it will be difficult for me to work on the photo.

A few more tips

In general, photos work best if taken at your pet's eye level.

The specific pose you choose is closely related to your pet's personality.

Ultimately, choose a pose that you think best reflects your pet's nature and shows off its beautiful features.

How to Capture your Pet's true personality, a Few more Tips

If you've made it this far, it means you're almost certain you've found the right photo that best represents your beloved pet.

But there's one more thing that can help me portray your pet... The description of your pet.

You know your dog better than anyone else!

To help me inject life and soul into your pet's portrait, describe your pet to me. Whatever makes your heart beat, I want to hear about it so that I can turn the photo into a personalized portrait that captures its true essence.

Remember that choosing the right photo for your pet portrait is very personal and depends on your preferences.

However, I hope these tips have helped you choose the perfect photo to create your faithful friend's personalized portrait.

I can't wait to see the photo you've selected for your pet portrait. I'm sure your finished portrait will be the best possible and accurately reflect your furry little friend's unique personality.

size pet portrait

Size of Your custom Pet portrait On canvas

How big should your portrait be? Here too, you can use your imagination (and also your taste, rightly so).

Imagine where it will be hung...

Will it be in a place of honor on a large wall that lights up your living room? Maybe next to the fireplace?

On a smaller wall in the entrance hall to greet you when you come home, just like your sweet pet used to do when you returned from a long stressful day at work?

Or in a smaller commemorative place, such as a table in your room, or your office desk?

These questions are important to understand what size to choose for your pet portrait.

Remember that larger sizes can give you more details of your pet, especially if you also wanted to portray its body.

While if you had chosen a photo of its sweet face, a smaller canvas could be more than enough (always based on where you will position it).

Seeing its clear face in the entrance hall, greeting you as soon as you return home, will feel like having it there with you, ready to give you a nice lick on the face, just like it did with you every day

I know, choosing the right size for your pet portrait can require a bit of reflection. There are important aspects that you need to consider, both from a practical point of view and to ensure that your work of art captures the best of your beloved pet.

You can find the sizes in custom pet portrait on canvas.

What if I want a Double print Of dog Portrait on Canvas

If you have purchased a portrait of a special pet for a family member or dear friend, you would also like to see that portrait every day in your home.

Maybe you gave the portrait to your parents for Christmas and they were thrilled with it.

But their pet was such an important part of your life growing up, that now that you've moved out, you'd like to have the same beautiful piece of art on your wall to remind you of that smiling face and wagging tail.

So you would like to have a memory of that portrait that not only stole your family's or your friends' heart, but also yours.

You can print the same portrait without paying twice (in fact, you will only pay for the canvas or the digital version).

Just go to the print your artwork section and follow the procedure (don't worry, it's really simple).

pet memorial gifts

To conclude

I hope these tips have been helpful in choosing the right photo for your personalized pet portrait. I can't wait to see the final result and admire the unique beauty of your furry little friend captured in a Flowerpup-style work of art!

Remember, your pet is a precious member of your family, and the personalized portrait we create together will allow you to always have your beloved pet by your side, even when it's no longer physically present.

A big hug,



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