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How to know if my cat loves me?

Did you know that there is no proof that your cat really loves you?

What do you think about it?

Cats are a mystery. What they think, how they feel, why they do things… As humans, we always seem a bit puzzled when it comes to understanding them. Most of the time, that doesn't bother us.

We are happy with the amount of time they give us and end up rolling our eyes at many of their other shenanigans.

To answer the question: Does my cat really love me? I interviewed Giuseppe, one of the designers of Team Flowerpup, who has a beautiful big cat named Romeo.


Living with a cat: love at first sight

"Romeo is an exceptional life partner" says Giuseppe

"I had always been an animal lover, but I had never had the chance to get one. My previous job prevented me from staying home for long time.

But one day, on my way home from work, I saw a stray kitten walking down the street alone and malnourished.

I decided to take him with me and take him to the vet, hoping he was fine. Luckily he needed just to eat and clean up.

So at home I took care of him… Ending up falling madly in love with him and adopting him. Romeo soon became an unforgettable life partner, even though initially I had very little time to devote to him.

One day I met Helen and her fantastic mission: to give positive emotions to those who have lost their pet and beyond.

And thanks to her, I quit my old job, working from home and becoming one of the Flowerpup artists.


What greater gift than the love of a cat? - Charles Dickens


Romeo is my guide, my endless source of inspiration. When I work and create custom pet portraits on my laptop, he is always next to me: Sometimes he snoozes next to my leg. Other times, however, he watches the mouse move quickly, trying to catch it and inevitably hitting my hand, but without hurting me.

my cat loves me

Romeo is now 12 years old and a nice chubby cat (I spoil him too much) and thanks to him my apartment has become a warmer and more welcoming place.

Even though he meows persistently until I feed him, and trips me up every time he purrs on my legs as I walk, he's a memorable life partner".

But at the same time I think I understand that you love me… How?

I have told a wonderful story about the relationship between a cat and a little girl..


So, does my cat loves me?

You can understand this based on some of his behaviors:


Look for physical contact

If your cat approaches you to be stroked or lies down next to you, this can be a sign that he loves you and wants your company.


Happy meowing

If your cat meows when he sees you or when you're petting him, this can be a sign of affection. Romeo every morning as soon as I wake up meows happy greeting me and rubbing on my beard.


Rubs on you

If your cat rubs against you or nuzzles at you, this may be a sign that she considers you a member of her family and wants you around.


He gives you presents

I will always remember that time when, returning from his afternoon walk in the garden, Romeo showed up with a lizard in his mouth, and gave it to me meowing happily.

(Little, poor lizard!)

If your cat brings you objects, such as dead birds or mice, this can be a sign of affection and respect, as if to show you that he is capable of taking care of you.


Day-to-day behavior

If your cat is relaxed and quiet when you're around, this can be a sign that they feel safe and that they love you. And don't worry, if he's dozing all the time, it means he's fine and super relaxed!

It's important to note that cats can show their affection differently and that each cat is unique. Following these signs can help you figure out if your cat loves you, but the only way to know for sure is by observing his behavior and interacting with him.


 living with a cat

Curiosities about cat owners

Do you love tranquility?

If you, like Gabriele, have a cat as a pet, you surely love calm and tranquillity, just like your cat.

Cats are known to be very independent animals and this can make them great companions for people who need space or alone time. They are animals that love their privacy and often spend many hours a day sleeping or playing alone.

Another thing in common with your cat will certainly be cleanliness.

Cats spend many hours a day grooming themselves by licking their fur. in fact, cats are very attentive to their personal hygiene and often avoid using the litter box if it is not clean.

Has it ever happened to you?

In summary, cleanliness and personal hygiene are important for cats and are part of their natural behavior. This makes cats easy to care for and undemanding life companions, especially for people who don't have much time to devote to pet care.

Are you a person of habit and do you have a cat?

Cats are known to be creatures of habit and this can make them excellent companions for people who enjoy routine. Cats have a favorite activity time, a favorite time to eat and sleep, and they often follow the same routine every day, and often at the same time too!

Having a companion who follows a daily routine can help create a sense of stability and normality in a person's life.



Although there are few studies that confirm the fact that your cat loves you, in your heart you are certain that your big cat loves you madly.

And I am convinced that he too demonstrates it in many ways.

Share your experience with your cat in the comments!

And if you like, I will draw your cat's love in a custom cat portrait, with colorful flowers (perhaps his or your favorite flowers) that will remember him forever.

custom cat portrait

A big hug,


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