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Losing a cat: the story of Sophie and her cat Renè

Losing a cat can leave a huge void in the heart of the family that raised him since it was a kitten, even more so if it's sudden and unexpected.

In this article I'll tell you a very special story: the story of Renè, the cat, and its little human friend Sophie and how she overcame the loss in a good way.

Friendship between children and animals

Sophie and Renè always slept together since the birth of the little girl, and as soon as she cried Renè rushed to lick her face, and Sophie fell asleep right after.

Their friendship was truly wonderful, Renè never left the side of her little owner:

  • during Sophie's first steps
  • spend their time in the garden or at the park
  • even when Sophie was getting a bath ( always keeping an eye on her)

and you could never tell Sophie off or get close to her without Renè’s permission: she will incessantly meow at you!

They shared every single aspect of their lives and their deep relationship kept growing until the day a tragic accident separated them forever.

Losing a cat: The sudden death of Sophie's cat

That day Sophie woke up and didn’t find Renè by her bedside. She immediately thought that Renè was hiding to do her usual “morning attack”, but she never arrived.

While going into the kitchen for breakfast, she noticed her frightened and crying mum. She asked her what happened and where Renè was. The mother told her that Renè was in the pet hospital because during the night she had a little accident, but that she would have been better .

Sophie didn’t know her mom was lying to her.

What really happened is that Renè went out the way he usually does during the night, and was hit by a car that didn’t provide any assistance.

The next morning Sophie’s father found Renè on the side of the road, but there was nothing to do to save him anymore.

What to do when a cat dies

The first thing to do in these circumstances is not to hide the truth to your children in order to protect him.

The mother, overwhelmed by guilt and scared of hurting little Sophie, choosed to tell her a white lie.

She waited for Sophie to come home from school and later in the day told her the real truth. Needless to say how poor Sophie reacted to the sad news.

That little angel started desperately crying, trembling like a leaf. Children need to mourn just like adults. But how can you behave in situations like this?

What happened next, can be of inspiration to you.

A parting ritual

The family decided to bury the little Renè under the willow tree in their garden. In that circumstance Granma Ginger was present for the ceremony. Sophie never left her grandma’s side, the two had a really special bond.

Grandmother Ginger for that occasion came up with a “goodbye message” from Renè to Sophie.

But what was that message about?

It was written on paper from the fluffball Renè to her little friend Sophie. The message was so sweet and touching that I have to let you read it:

“ Dear little Sophie, save your tears, you know why?

because I have lots of toys and sweets up here

I’m very fine, and I want you to know it.

I'm in cat’s heaven, and they treat us like real kings.

You have to smile, you know little Sophie?

Because I will always come to you and I’ll appear in your dreams..

So think of me right before sleep, and You’ll see that we’ll meet each other in your dreams.

We’ll have lots of sweets and run around that willow in the garden

I can’t wait to play with you again and receive lots of hugs from you!

- Renè”



Portrait on canvas of a pet cat

Grandma Ginger didn’t just write that touching letter to Sophie. She also gifted her a beautiful portrait of Renè, happy and surrounded by flowers.

Sophie hung up that portrait right in front of her bed, so that she could see Renè every night before going to sleep and every morning when she woke up.

The same flowers on that portrait were planted on Renè’s grave, and everyday Sophie would tend to them.

This small routine helped Sophie to take care of her little friend and to feel Renè by her side again in the following years.


Sophie is now 31 years old, with a wonderful child and a beautiful cat named Renè.

The portrait of her old friend Renè is still in Sophie's house. Although years have passed, her friend Renèè still hangs out with her in her dreams.

Gifting a flowery pet portrait on canvas is a meaningful and marvelous gift, just like the special bond Sophie and Renè had.

If you want your own flowery pet portrait on canvas then send me a photo of your fluffy best friend, and I’ll do the rest.

I’ll wait for you,

Helen 🌺

PS: If you want to tell us the story of you and your pet, then send it to me via email. 

I'll gladly post it on my blog.

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