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How to keep dogs warm outside in Winter

Dear reader, do you know how to keep dogs warm outside in the winter?

You must know that here where I live in winter temperatures have dropped considerably and wool sweaters have become faithful and warm companions in these cold days.

As you know, it's not just winter for us humans.. the cold is felt even with our animal friends. It is true that the arrival of winter brings with it the joy of the holidays. A period of rest where you can also dedicate yourself to your pet.

At a time like this, it's important to pay attention to the health and well-being of our puppy.

That's what I also did with Argo when he was still by my side. To try to help him face the winter season in the best possible way, I remember talking to friends, relatives, pet shop assistants and the vet.

Below, I leave you some tips that could be useful for you to spend these winter months with your pet in serenity.

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Best way to keep outside dogs warm in winter

How to take care of a fur coat

If you have a particular dog, pay attention to its coat, especially after a walk on a winter day.

To prevent ice, salt is often sprinkled on the asphalt. This last one could get into your pet's fur and between its nails, but not only. When walking on the street or in public places, your pet's hair and nails may encounter dirt and bacteria.

In order to prevent infections that would make your pet uncomfortable, be sure to clean its nails and brush its coat.

On the market, you can find useful products for your care and cleaning of your puppy. You can also find creams that can protect and solve injuries caused by the cold.


Dogs in snow: Be careful when playing in the snow

Many dog owners know how much their puppies love to play and throw themselves happily in the snow.

Here, however, be careful that your puppy does not swallow large quantities of snow and ice: the cold of the ice is a risk for the animal's physical well-being as it could cause gastro-intestinal problems and could lower your animal's body temperature.

Furthermore, as already mentioned in the previous point, snow can contain dirt, bacteria and, in some cases, even anti-icing solutions.

This mix of ingredients is toxic to your pup. So basically, make sure your dog has his time and space to play, but that it's safe and keeping wam


Dogs body temperature: Keep an eye on his body temperature

During the winter season, remember that the lowest temperatures are reached during the morning and during the night, so it is preferable to let your pet out or accompany it for a walk when the sun is highest in the sky.

Furthermore, if your pet does not have short and not too thick hair, you can cover it with a special coat. On the market there are varieties of pet coats of different brands, colors and sizes.

By doing so, you will not only protect him from the cold and adverse weather, but you will add a touch of color and style to your puppy's personality!


Take care of his diet

Another piece of advice that I would like to give you and which I myself have found useful with my puppy Argo, is to take care of your pet's diet.

Good nutrition with quality food will help your pet to face winter temperatures more vigorously.

The topic of nutrition then becomes important if we talk about cats since the latter, as temperatures drop, burn more calories and therefore store quantities of body fat from food which acts as an "insulator" against the cold and helps to warm up.

Here I leave you the link of a recipe for dogs: Easy Homemade Dog Food Recipe

How do you behave with your pet this season?

If you have other tips to protect our fur babies, don't hesitate to share it with us!

We will appreciate it very much.

A big hug,


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