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How to Get over Loneliness after Losing a Pet

How to get over loneliness when your pet has left their earthly life and left you alone?

I am here for you in this difficult moment. I have been there and I understand what it means to lose your compass and feel empty.

You have lost something you never wanted to lose. I also cannot believe that our pets can live so little compared to our human life.

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It's a Mockery that Animal lives So little Compared to Us

The time we spend in their company, the love we share seems too little. If we stop to look at the years spent together, with the eyes of tenderness and love, we realize that time flies.

You may feel great suffering every day, with no possibility of escaping your anguish. So you want try to sleep to find some peace, but your torture follows you in your dreams and when you wake up, the pain resurfaces. How long you can resist like this? If there will ever be a chance for improvement or a reason to return to normal life.

No matter how long this worrying period lasts, it is likely to feel too long.

You may get tired of feeling tired all the time. You may feel weakened by the continuous pain you feel inside.

Your task, however, is to remain in your pain for the time necessary to heal. Believe me, I really know how difficult it is to resist such pain!

But you have to face it sooner or later...

This difficult moment serves a purpose, it is helping you heal.

I am writing these words to help you in this moment, when you feel lonely and desperate. I want to tell you that everything is normal, that everything will be alright. They seem like banal words, almost said with simplicity... right?

But I want these words to be a beacon for you.

Because these words will guide you towards healing, but unfortunately it takes time to get there.

My purpose is to guide you through these terrible days with all the comfort and security possible.

I do it in words, thanks to Flowerpup's blog. A corner of comfort for those who have lost their pet and are looking for a place to feel listened to, understood and supported.

Through my Pet Memorial Portrait. Many people have found refuge for loneliness and comfort in portraits of their furry friends.

I myself, as I explain in the previous article about loneliness, felt lonely and the first portraits I created of Argo helped me to cope with this terrible illness.

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How to Cope being Alone when Emotions overwhelm You

Remember this: You are Not alone

There are other people who have already made the journey you are on now and have come back to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. Others are on a similar journey right now and are learning just like you are.

I hope you can find hope here and the certainty that not everything is lost.

Yes, I know, your journey is not easy... The road seems infinitely long, like mountains impossible to climb...


You may Experience emotions You never Expected to Feel in loneliness

  • Sadness for what happened...
  • Depression or despair...
  • Stronger than usual fear...
  • Loneliness or even more loneliness when you are with the people you love...
  • Constant tiredness and easy distraction...

In addition, there are other feelings you may experience such as anger, sometimes extreme, or anxiety, which may be unusually strong without you understanding the reason.

Another feeling you may experience is the absence of any feeling. At first, it may seem like a common reaction. However, it could be a sign that your body may be protecting you for a while, until you are more ready to process everything that has happened.

What you are going through is very difficult and it requires courage. It takes a lot of energy at a time when your reserves are low and determination to continue doing what you need to do day after day: feel and endure everything you feel and experience.


Do not Avoid your Emotions

Your choice is simply this: you can experience your feelings and go through them as they arise, or you can put them off for another time. However, you don't have the option to put them off forever. At some point, your feelings may demand your attention. At that point they could be even stronger and deeper than now.

Remember: the best way out is always through. The best way to move beyond your feelings is to experience them as fully as possible and as many times as you need to.


Only by Expressing your Loss will You begin To heal

In addition, you may want to seek the support of trusted friends and family or a professional to help you process and manage these difficult emotions.

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But you Won't suffer Forever

You can overcome your fears and find ways to help yourself and others. This is a time for growth and you can become the person you want to be.

A bit like when you are little and someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up.

Here there are moments when you feel such a strong pain inside you, like the loss of your furry friend, that your life is as if it is resetting.

As if you had to start all over again. A new rebirth and way to flourish, just like my portraits.

A new You

In other words, you can heal. You can be whole again. You can be yourself.

I know very well that managing your emotions is not easy, but try to face them. And I'm sure you'll succeed.

 Pet memorial Portrait

Pet memorial Portrait help You for strong Emotions in loneliness

The first paintings of Argo that I created were to ward off the fear of loneliness.

He was no longer with me at home, and this made me feel very lonely.

Argo was my shadow, my refuge, my joy... my everything. I didn't want to forget his sweet and silly face, so I started drawing him and sticking his furry images on the walls and corners of the house.

Looking back, I realize that my first paintings of Argo were just the beginning of a lasting passion for art.

Now, as you know, my house is full of paintings and drawings of him, and each piece has a story to tell.

Argo remains my favorite subject. Every time I paint his furry face, I feel close to him, as if he were still here with me. And when I look at my paintings of Argo, I don't just see a dog, I see a friend, a companion, a source of inspiration.

For me, it's not just about not feeling alone. It's about honoring the memory of a dog who changed my life. And that's why I'll continue to paint Argo as long as I have brushes and colors available.

In addition, I have found that my passion for art has helped me to cope with the loss of Argo in a more constructive way. Instead of falling into an abyss of sadness and despair, I found comfort in creative expression. Painting allowed me to process my feelings, to express my pain and gratitude, and to find a sense of inner peace.

 Pet memorial Portraits

5 Tips to Find the Courage in Loneliness

If you are crying over lost time, it may be difficult to describe or share, but know that you are not alone. It is natural to feel sadness and regret when we think about the past and the things we could have done differently with our beloved pet.

But if your loss now seems insurmountable and if your pain is intense, then these small tips can help you and give you the courage you need.

  • First of all, try not to worry too much. Keep in mind that many people have gone through difficult times like yours and have come out completely healthy. In some cases, it is necessary to separate to then reconnect in a healthier way.
  • Seek the support of a person you really trust. If you want feedback on how you're reacting or need help making a decision, consult this person. Don't try to follow everyone's advice, otherwise you risk getting confused.
  • Talk about what's on your mind. You may find that some of your thoughts are irrational, but you won't realize it until you express them out loud. Sometimes it's only after expressing opposing ideas that you understand that both cannot be true at the same time.
  • Keep a diary to record what's happening inside you. Read it again in a few weeks or months to understand how you're changing your way of thinking. Take note of the ways you're growing.
  • Try not to take everything too seriously. Even though life may seem heavy these days, try to find humor in some of the things you say and do. Smile at yourself and be kind. Remember your experiences so you can tell them one day as a way to help others.



So, if you are going through the sad experience of losing a pet, I suggest you find a way to express your pain and gratitude. It could be through art, writing, music, or any other form of creative expression. Find the way that works for you and use your creativity as a way to heal.


Don't forget that you are not alone.

There are many people who have gone through the same experience and there are many support groups and resources available to help you deal with your pain. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Finally, I want to share with you a quote that helped me deal with the loss of Argo

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Even though your experience with your pet is over, remember the happy times you shared together and be grateful for the time you had together.

A hug,


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