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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Pet

Love is just in the air! Christmas isn't long gone, but Valentine's Day is near too.

You must know that I have always loved this recurrence and I have wonderful memories of my celebrations.. Not only with my husband, but also with my beloved Argo.

I particularly remember a Valentine's Day from years ago..


Memories of Valentine's Day with Argo

I had kept the afternoon free from commitments. In fact, after a morning's drawing session, I had a quick lunch and got ready to go out.

I put the leash on Argo and joined my husband at the park who welcomed me with a beautiful bouquet of scented roses and left a puppet for Argo.

We let my puppy have some fun then we walked to a place to warm up with a delicious hot chocolate.

In the evening I decided to prepare a little dinner at home for my husband and I and I opened his favorite snacks for Argo which he devoured.

It could be a fairly "normal" day for you... Don't you think?

Yet in normality there is always something special, or a memory that remains indelible in my heart..

The thing I remember with all my heart was the laughter, the chats, the cuddles and the happy looks.

Thinking about it makes my heart beat!

This was one of the gifts that I always carry with me: the love for the little things that Argo has given me.

But how can you celebrate Valentine's Day with your puppy and your partner? Now I give you some suggestions!


4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Pets

These are some suggestions that I tested myself, during Valentine's Day together with Argo and Giosuè (my husband). I really hope they can help you celebrate your Valentine's Day.



This recurrence is an excellent opportunity to let your puppy have fun. Take advantage of it to do the activities your puppy loves the most.

For example, if he loves going for walks, take him on a long walk where you can regenerate together. If you are in a relationship, also involve your partner in the activities, you can share all three moments of joy (and maybe take some pictures to remember that beautiful moment!)



Nothing better than a public holiday to organize a nice party, maybe even a surprise one? (How I love organizing surprise parties!)

Whether it's a simple candlelit dinner in a chic restaurant (make sure you can bring your puppy), or a trip out of town, your partner and your pet will be really happy !

 celebrate valentine s day


Valentine's Day is a great time to show your gratitude to those who respect us and give us their love.

It's the perfect time, therefore, to give your pet a new toy, or some delicious food.

In specialized pet stores you can find an infinite variety of treats that you can give to your pet. You'll see how happy he will be to be able to enjoy something delicious and different from the usual!

What to do for your partner? A little advice.. What is the thing he loves most of all? What food do he prefers? Or what activities does he like to do?

I have always been a lover of experiences.

Whether it's tastings or a short romantic elopement, I'm sure your partner, and obviously your puppy, will be infinitely grateful to you.



What's more sentimental than crafting a love letter for Valentine's Day?

The puppy certainly cannot understand human words, but it can be another way for you to express your love and to try to describe in words what you feel. Writing is also an excellent strategy to promote our psychological and mental well-being.

Consequently, by letting your emotions out in the open, your puppy will also be affected in a completely positive way.

But at the same time, giving words of love to your partner will make your relationship more solid and loving.

What is the best gift for Valentine's Day

What is The best Gift for Valentine's Day?

Another gift you can give to your puppy and your partner, but above all to yourself, it's a custom pet portrait canvas!

You can take some pictures of yourself all together to immortalize the happiness that comes from this day and, if you like the idea, you could order a portrait on my site.

I would be really happy to celebrate your happiness and surround it with flowers and love!

And you, dear reader, how will you spend this Valentine's Day? Do you have any other tips on how to celebrate?

Write it to me in the comments!

A big hug,


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