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How to celebrate Christmas with your pet?

What's better for a human mom, than celebrate a perfect Christmas for your pet?

I'm already counting the days until Christmas... are you?

The joy and magic of this Christmas is visible in my children's eyes! And I admit that the classic phrase: "if you're good Santa Claus won't bring you coal" is working beautifully!

Both my children always finish everything on their plate (including vegetables), clear and make the bed every morning!

(Can it always be Christmas for us moms? hahaha)

Apart from making a perfect Christmas for our human children, we could also think about how to celebrate colorful and festive day of the year magical for our furry puppies.


Pet Christmas: How to make your pet's perfect Christmas?

I love creating small checklists where I mark all the things to do to make Christmas perfect for the whole family (fur babies included).

Not just the checklist you'll see next, but I also love writing letter to Santa: in How to write a letter to Santa Claus for your puppy I shared you Argo's joy when we wrote his letter to Santa together, plus how you too can give this amazing moment to your furry friend.

Remember: Christmas is a great time to celebrate but it can also bring stressful experiences and new faces, which can be overwhelming for our pets.

In fact, many of us fear that the chaos of Christmas may be too much for their pets.

That's why it's important to take precautions to prevent your dog from getting too stressed or bored sitting still for the whole Christmas lunch time.

But I come to your rescue with my personal checklist: I called it the Argo Checklist!

Boredom and stress proof!


Take your puppy for a walk before the guests arrive

Before all the relatives arrive, make sure your puppy's needs have been met by giving him a nice walk in the fresh air and your company.


Christmas dog food

Make your 4-legged friend feel included in the celebrations by preparing delicious food for him! This helps you not only to get him to ask for food from the guests, but it will be an infinite surprise to know that you have thought of new and tasty food for him too.


Create a haven away from the chaos

If your dog starts to withdraw from the festivities, it means that he is tired. Allow him to rest in a quiet place away from the chaos of relatives and friends.

Maybe in a different room.


Its time to unwrapping gifts

Like relatives, your puppy wants his gift too, but above all he's attracted by all that paper and noisy boxes!!! Let him open his presents and destroy the gift card!

You will give him endless joy!


Pampering moment!

Time with him will be very short, so remember to give him a moment of his own to cuddle and scratch, so he will know that he is always in your heart, even if on this day you are a little busy.


A breath of fresh air for everyone

Organize an outing all together! useful both for disposing of food, but also for giving your pet a breather.


Let's start the Christmas games

The perfect time to all start playing new games together, even for your furry baby. But there are tons of party games where your furry friend can participate. my favorite was Twister: standing still in strange positions to touch the colours, with Argo licking everyone's face, was tremendously difficult… Seeing is believing!


It's time for Christmas movies with mom on the couch

Now that relatives and friends have returned home it's time for the sofa, blanket and your pet next to you, with the lit tree and an "Trading Places"... the Christmas movie par excellence (say that you too watch it every year)!

I hope this list can help you make Christmas wonderful for you, but especially for your puppy!


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