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How to write a letter to Santa Claus for your puppy

I'm trying to dry my tears as I write this letter to Santa.

Memories flying as I type these words…

Every year I enjoy writing a letter to Santa Claus.

Just like when you're a child, you think you did well, both in school and obedient towards mom and dad.

Only when you grow up it's not so much the physical gift itself… (oh god I still wish I had that wooden rocking chair I saw last month in a shop downtown…).

But affections are more what I desire more and more over the years.

And like every year I come across the best memories spent with my beloved puppy Argo during the Christmas period.


Write a letter to Santa Claus for your pet

You may take me for a fool, but every year I sat down on the kitchen table with Argo to write his letter.

On the other hand, our 4-legged friends can't write, so it's up to us owners to write their letter... right?

The scene was obviously very funny (my husband laughed out loud), and it was more or less like this:

"Argo, are you ready to write a letter for Santa Claus?"

(Argo happily wagged his tail and tried to understand what I was doing so exciting)

"So Argo you did good this year?"

(Argo barks as if to say: sure mum, can you give me a biscuit then?)

“Okay then I'm writing to Santa that you did well and that you deserve…. bone-shaped biscuits?”

(Argo very excited that barks and jumps merrily as if to answer… Yeaeeeee biscuit biscuit!)

“Or were you so good that you deserve a new toy? Maybe a new chicken? since you destroyed the last one?”

(Argo who is no longer in the skin and almost jumps on me with happiness)

"Okay my puppy then this year too no coal and lots of gifts".


Well I'm sure you do this every year with your furry friend... right?

(I struggled to understand who was happier to do it… between me and Argo hahaha)

What beautiful memories!

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How do I give my pet for Christmas?

Are you about to write a letter to Santa Claus for your dog... but you're not sure what to get him?

So to avoid buying too many things, I leave you some advice below

  • If you are about to buy gifts for your pet, don't act instinctively when shopping, but think carefully. But at the same time don't give away too many things: Pets tend to get attached and become attached to one or 2 toys, leaving all the others alone.
  • Don't buy games or things that you like first of all, but give your dog a way to express an opinion.

In the end it's like having a big baby, you always let the kids choose the game, not your puppy.

  • Want to surprise him? So identify yourself with him and think… What would he like to receive more in the world?

Do you know, for example, that he loves balls? Then buy one that looks like his old ball. Animals keep memories of their favorite toys, so try to give something that closely resembles his old toys.

  • Do you want to give food? What flavors are you sure they'll like? If you want to buy biscuits, consider not buying too large packs, focus on smaller treats and packs but with different tastes, so that they don't get tired immediately (yes, our furbabies are very spoiled!).
  • New kennel or clothing? go with him to buy them so you don't make a mistake with the measurements!

But above all, pets love gift boxes! Evaluate nice boxes (possibly without ribbons, bows or metal stuff, so they don't get hurt and I can bite it apart!)

Did you write a letter to Santa for your pet? I would be happy to read it! If you like, share it in the comments below!

A hug,


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