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Decorate your home for Christmas with custom dog portraits

Decorate your home at Christmas with custom dog portraits, to keep their memory alive.

The memories of this morning, as I take the Christmas tree to the attic, take me back to when I was little.

I perfectly remember the excitement of waiting for Christmas and I can still feel the joy of when my mother told us "Tomorrow we will make the Christmas tree!".

It was a party! It was a moment for us all, a moment to share all together, that moment that tastes like family.

And then there was always the new decoration that was added to the tree every year.


A Christmas memory

Even today, in the boxes of decorations, I see some balls of the "old" ones. And every year I return to those times.

At that atmosphere.... Under the tree there were two Santas, one of mine and one of my brother. They were the ones with the sack, where magically, every now and then, there was candy. As long as we were good.

The same story repeated Christmas after Christmas. With the same emotional intensity, with the joy of decorating the house for a party.

I experienced that magic as a child with my parents. And today I live it with my children, as a mother.

They are beautiful memories and more.

They maintain a tradition, a bond that passes from dream to hope.


Emotions to imprinted in a custom dog portraits

Try to think of the moment in which the boxes with the decorations are brought home... the moment in which the tree arrives, the choice of the position and the enthusiasm in wanting to see it decorated and full of lights.

How to give it life!

Here, I believe that this moment must be considered as a tradition to be kept alive, to be told but also to be stopped in a photograph as a moment that has its great value.

I love to photograph life's moments ... bring them back to my laptop and start drawing and decorating it, such as Flowerpup portraits, or Wood portraits, or if it's fun in Cartoon portraits!

As you well know, I love to take photographs and transform them into custom dog portraits with flowers and more. In fact, I have many other styles to portray and remember your pet.

For me, today more than ever, with our races and frenzies, it is very important to be able to distinguish moments of serenity and sharing. Those rich in a magic that is difficult to tell only with words.

Is this the same for you?


The Christmas family portrait with dog that I love the most

I love everything about Christmas, perhaps because I keep looking at it with the eyes of a child.

I love the crisp December air and maybe a few snowflakes that muffle the city noises..

The marathons of Christmas movies watched on the sofa with the blanket made of patchwork of fleece and hot and steaming herbal tea.. All with the background of the house full of colored lights, the large majestic tree full of wooden and colored balls...

I love shooting the family portrait with Argo from the attic. Every year I don't see the bear unwrapping it and putting it in the living room. I tell the story of this portrait in this article:

The Christmas portrait that gives peace to my heart

But most of all I love the sparkling eyes full of amazement and hope of my children who are waiting for that magical night where everything becomes possible.

Have you ever noticed?

Our hearts tend to get a little better at Christmas

Especially in today's society filled with hectic racing, stress, and with less and less free time to devote to our loved ones.

No one can remain indifferent to the Christmas spirit, the joy that reigns in this period is almost tangible, and the preparations make the wait even more special.

Precisely for this reason, defining Christmas only as a party is an understatement… That day in December is much more, it transmits a message of love and solidarity.

In my opinion, if Christmas stopped being a date but rather a state of mind, we would all be more united.

Let's try to reflect on those moments when our families come together to decorate the house..

Where to place the tree and with which balls, festoons and lights to embellish it.

The weekends spent all together looking for new decorations or in front of a nice hot chocolate in the center of some city, or looking for the perfect gifts.

Here are those moments must remain alive in all of us, so that healthy traditions never fade... We must photograph these moments in our minds and in our hearts.

And pass on these customs with love and joy from generation to generation.

So let's think what it means for us to get together for Christmas preparations, if this moment of family conjunction under the tree really brings us closer and distracts us from the usual daily frenzy of life, and if it really makes us all a little better and more willing to listen to us more.

How will you organize your Christmas? Which decorations will you use? Would you like to get together with your family to decorate your home and prepare the Christmas tree?

It is an important tradition, surely telling it with a personal experience will help us to transmit it more effectively.

I'd love to read about your Christmas in the comments below.

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A hug,


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I love your art and your story and I’m so looking forward to receiving my order. I know my girlfriend will love it

Deborah D Meyer

I ordered a portrait of my beautiful grand-pup, Scarlet, for my daughter after Miss Scarlet crossed over the rainbow bridge. It brought so much solace and comfort to our broken hearts. It was simply beautiful ❤️

Denise Juola

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