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Custom painting of dog as Christmas gift

Can a Custom Painting of dog save your friend's Christmas?

The weather heralds the winter solstice. Walking under one of the arcades in the historic center of my town, I observe the windows and scrutinize the interior of the shops: the latter are filling up with colored lights and sparkling Christmas decorations, but not only.

In fact, I notice that the Christmas atmosphere is spreading in the buildings and monuments of the historic center and in the adjacent streets. Although it's still just an ordinary November day, I can already see someone starting to look for gifts to buy for their loved ones for Christmas.


Christmas memories that are always in my heart

Suddenly, my head is filled with memories.

I remember this pre-Christmas period spent together with my beloved Argo. We left home with eyes full of that joy of those who anticipate the flavor of the upcoming holidays.

We spent afternoons wandering around the centre, dazzled by the glitter of festive ornaments, looking for gifts to dispense to friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Once the purchases were concluded, we were preparing to wrap the gifts in paper with warm colors, typical of Christmas, such as red for example.

We enjoyed closing our packages between bows and ribbons. Ah… how my Argo liked ribbons!

But what he liked even more was the moment when the presents were delivered to us: he enjoyed watching me while I was busy opening the packages and he was cheered up by the sound of a present being unwrapped.

Unfortunately Argo is no longer here, but his overwhelming joy has remained with me.

I remember that in the same period in which I lost my friend Argo, a dear friend of mine also suffered the very painful loss of her puppy.

I remember that one afternoon we met in front of a coffee and she told me, venting herself, that she had felt a great emptiness inside her and a lump in her throat.


A happy intuition: a Custom painting of dog as Christmas gift

As a result, I decided to give her a Christmas present.

During our meeting I listened to her carefully and opted for a gift where my friend could channel her suffering and transform it into positive emotions.

On Christmas Eve, I showed up at her house and she welcomed me smiling, but still with sadness in her eyes. I handed her the package and she, curious, decided to discard it immediately.

Inside she found a frame with a colorful portrait of her puppy.

My friend, moved and struck by the gift, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug thanking me.

I later told her that I "stole" photos of her puppy from her social profiles to create a Flowerpup portrait.

My friend's joy is still mine, it was further confirmation of the social value that creativity can have and how much it can be an expression of positivity.

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How to gift a Flowerpup pet portrait for Christmas

If you also want to make a loved one's Christmas special gift... You can also give him/her a personalized portrait of his/her pet/s. Here, on my website, in the "Flowerpup custom pet portrait" section, you will find the form to order the portrait.


Here's How To Turn Your Pet Photo Into Art:

  • Upload photos of the puppies you want to feature in the painting. Try to upload photos with the best quality you have, as this will affect the final result of the portrait. In addition, by filling out the form, you can select the format in which to receive the drawing and how many puppies to insert inside it
  • I will create a digital version of the portrait with all our care, attention and effort possible
  • It will take us 24 to 48 hours to create your personalized Flowerpup portrait
  • I will send you a preview of the design to your email address and, only after receiving your confirmation, the finished project will start to be shipped. The expected delivery times generally consist of between 5 and 9 working days approximately

I will also explain to you what is the difference between the project in digital format and the printed canvas

If you select the "DIGITAL FILE" button, I will send you your personalized design by email only.

This is a great quality digital file that you can use to print anywhere and as often as you like.

On the other hand, if you select the "CANVAS" option, I will send the physical print to your home address. 

Now that you know how to do it, spread the magic and color of our four-legged friends this Christmas season!

You will contribute to the smile of a friend or family member.



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