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A dog for Christmas: The Story of Toby and Loris

I would like to tell you a truly heartwarming story: A dog for Christmas.

A story that will steal your heart.

But at the same time, once you read it I would like to know if you'd have done as Loris's dad did.... Read it in one go and let's hear from you in the comments!


A little poor abandoned dog at Christmas

Toby was a stray... He was born in the shed behind a farm, along with his brothers and sisters.

One by one, his brothers and sisters were sold by the owner and Toby was left alone...

You should know that Toby had a small problem with his right hind leg from birth because the breeder forcefully pulled him out of his mother's body who could not deliver him.... that's why Toby limped a little and was not sold.

Toby stayed with his mother for a few months, but then he was suddenly taken away and separated from her forever... he was trembling when he was thrown into that van...

After that nightmarish journey, he was abandoned all alone in a forest, left to his own devices.

From that moment on, his life became hell. Being still a puppy, he was not used to foraging for food, finding shelter...

What's more, it was the middle of winter. It was the week before Christmas, and the cold was really bitter and freezing.

Fortunately, he was able to find water immediately in the small river that flowed inside the forest.

But the little puppy was hungry-and he didn't know where to find food to survive.

What had the poor little dog done that was so cruel to deserve this?

And why do we humans sometimes have to be so mean and cowardly!!!


Taking example from a child

A few days later the little stray heard the rumble of a car... which stopped near his hiding place.

Driven by hunger, Toby approached.

Humans were sitting in the car and eating.

He approached the car carefully. His sore and hungry stomach won out over the fear of people.

"Mom, dad look !!! What a sweet little dog !"

Loris went into the woods with that day to collect pine cones to decorate the Christmas tree with Mom and Dad

A sudden snowfall forced them to stop and eat the packed lunch that Mom prepared for everyone that day.

"Loris...... but he's a dirty stray dog, nothing nice about him" Dad replied.

Loris opened the car window and threw some pieces of bread and sausage to the dog.

Toby shook his tail happily and quickly grabbed the sausage and pieces of bread and began to eat greedily.

Loris, seeing that the dog was harmless and hungry opened the car door, ran to the little dog and began to pet him, offering him more food.

Toby, happy to have finally eaten something, responded happily and spontaneously to the child by licking his face.

Suddenly Loris was brutally separated from the little pup. "Loris! Go back to the car and leave that dirty dog, you might catch some disease."

And the car was gone, leaving the poor stray alone again in the cold and frost.

Back home Loris was inconsolable. "Dad that poor dog so alone in the forest, how can you leave that little animal there. It's Christmas... what a villain you are!"

Loris was very angry with his parents... He was crying and screaming persistently since they had left the forest, begging them to take him back and save that poor helpless dog.

But no one seemed to listen to him.

Returning home, Loris ran to his room.


Christmas' Eve gift

Days passed and Loris could not get that sweet dog alone and helpless in that forest out of his mind.

"..What if he was sick and cold? He didn't have a mom and dad to take care of him-how could he do it alone?" Thought the child as he cried in his room alone.

Loris's father saw his son's pain and immediately felt guilty about it -- and he wanted to make up for it as soon as possible.

It was Christmas Eve....

Loris was sitting at the table with mom and dad. And he was very quiet.

He was still thinking about that poor stray in the woods and his father's wickedness.

Suddenly Father got up from the table...He went outside to his garden tool shed...

He entered the house with a large cardboard box in his hand moving....

"Loris.... Merry Christmas, this is your dog Christmas present."

Dad put the box on the floor and opened it...

Loris burst into tears... because the box contained the sweet little dog they had left behind in the forest a few days ago.

Dad, overcome with guilt returned the next day to that forest to look for that poor little dog.

Fortunately Toby was in exactly the same area where they had seen him the day before.

He picked him up (suffering the stray's thousand happy licks) and decided to take him to a vet, clean him up and give him to her son for Christmas.

It had been a long time since he and his wife had wanted a dog--they had plenty of space where he could run and play happily in the backyard, and Loris could have a new friend.

And so began a happy Christmas for Loris and his dog Toby....

That lasted exactly 13 long years of laughing games and exciting adventures!


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I am glad that there are people in the world who are ready to help those who are most in need! And often it is the children themselves, who without judgment or fear, set a good example for adults.

I am convinced that you would have done the same, and indeed certainly your story and that of your beloved pet is also wonderful.

If you would like to share it below!

I will be happy to read you!

A hug, Helen

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If I had just one wish, just one, I’d wish every animal had a life of happiness, warmth, and a full tummy. No pain, no sickness, and live a long loving life!!! I cry when I hear stories of animal cruelty. This story was heart warming!

Sharon Starr

This was a heartearming story & so glad that it ended up with the puppy coming
Home for Christmas .

Diane Brooks

This was a lovely and sad story.
I volunteer at an animal shelter
Needless to say, I love animals, usually more than most people I meet. I hear some heartbreaking stories, but also so many absolutely wonderful, happy tails, as we in the industry call them. There are so many good kind people out there that adopt our critters and give them wonderful furever homes.


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