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An unexpected double Christmas present

It was a Christmas present when December 25 when Lily first saw Luna....A little poodle just 4 1/2 months old. 

All white and snow-white, and eager to cuddle.

It was inside a big red box half-opened, and Luna's little face watching in curiosity at the scene set before her.

I don't know if you've ever happened to watch on social media those short videos of babies receiving a puppy as a gift...

Well Lily, a 6-year-old curly girl, cried with emotion when she picked up that tiny white ball of fur.

"Grandma can I call her Luna?"

"Of course my little one, Merry Christmas," said Grandma.


Why give a puppy for Christmas present?

When Christmas is approaching many people think of giving an animal as a gift, convinced that it is a welcome and original thought.

Things are not exactly like that, because it is not always the right choice and you need to think about it very carefully, to avoid that those same animals end up, months later, in kennels or -even worse- abandoned.

But for this little girl with golden curls, the choice had been more than thoughtful.

You should know that her Grandma, before even giving her a puppy, as well as talking to her son and daughter-in-law, tested Lily.


In the days before, Grandma often took Lily to the village kennel.

Grandmother is a volunteer and sometimes takes the little girl with her to see those poor animals just waiting to be adopted.

She has watched her granddaughter many times to see how she behaved with them--and was always amazed....

Children are MAGICAL beings

They don't judge, they are creatures with golden heart... And seeing how Lily cared for and cuddled those poor puppies in need of affection, often brought a tear to Granny's eye.

But most of all That little girl had managed to do something that no one else had managed to do....

You should know that a poodle had just arrived in that kennel who had been abandoned because pregnant, and her owner could not take care of her.

She was very nervous and wouldn't let anyone touch her.

Even less so when her puppies were born -- five beautiful black poodles and a white one.

One day Grandma decided to take her granddaughter to see those little newborn furballs.

You will never believe what I am about to tell you...

The grandmother, fearing that the little one would get too close to the mother dog, being easily irritated, held her tightly by the hand.

Yet at the sight of the little girl, the little dog did not bark.... but wagged her tail happily.

And that's not all. She decided to come closer and sniff her little red shoes.

The grandmother had immobilized, afraid to take a wrong step and carry the little one away for fear that she would bite her.

Immediately they were surrounded by the 5 puppies eager to cuddle.

The mother dog also began to lick her granddaughter's hand, which she tried to caress.

In short, that hysterical dog was transformed into a docile and cuddly poodle who was washed cared for and microchipped, along with her puppies.


A double Christmas surprise

As you have well discovered, Luna is one of the puppies of that mama dog. And the grandmother couldn't wait to show her Christmas present!

You should know that all her puppies found a wonderful home, including Luna.

But that's not all.

The mother dog, called Birba, was also adopted by Granny herself!!!

In short.. two beautiful surprises for Christmas, don't you think so?

But there are many other things to consider before giving a dog as a Christmas gift.

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What to consider before gifting an animal to your granddaughter

There are several aspects to consider before giving a child a pet:

  • Time: having a pet requires care and affection. In short, you need to have a few hours a day to devote to them.
  • Expenses: having a pet is not cheap, food, toys, vets are just some of the aspects to consider. Aspects that will be more than compensated by the love that the animal you adopt will repay you.
  • The place where you live: depending on where you live, you will be able to choose the most suitable pet. But at the same time, if you have a garden or live in green meadows, or in the hills, there will be no problem: your pet will be able to frolic happily in nature.

I hope this article brought a smile to your face..

Have you also given a dog as a gift to your daughter or granddaughter? Or have you yourself received a pet under the tree? I look forward to hearing your story!

I look forward to seeing you in the comments

Big hug,


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