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A gift for Christmas for my mom's friend

It's evening, finally. My children are in bed and my husband is in the living room watching television.

I took the opportunity to bake the biscuits for the children's breakfast and now. While I wait for the biscuits to be ready, I'm sitting at the kitchen table in front of my laptop.

Yes, because I want to tell you a story of A gift for Christmas for my mom's friend.

The story concerns my neighbor, Violet, a girl of my age with whom my husband, my children and I have shared many dinners in the garden and many conversations.

Violet is a very helpful person, with an immense sensitivity and is very attached to his affections. She has been married for several years to Alex, who in addition to being her life partner, travels and daring adventures, was also her partner in the high school where they met.

The greatest affection to which Violet is particularly attached, even before Alex, is her mother Virginia.

The latter has a delicate and sensitive soul, even if already advanced in years.

At the same time she has a great sense of humor, positivity and a cheerful spirit.

Although his age and health aren't exactly forgiving, he doesn't give up on taking nice walks in the company of his big black Labrador puppy named Lucky.

After this somewhat detailed description, however, I want to tell you what happened.


Christmas present idea

About a month ago, while on an ordinary autumn afternoon I was concentrating on doing household chores and cleaning up my children's mess, the doorbell suddenly rings.

I open the door and find Violet, with her usual bright smile plastered on her face.

I welcome her with a broad smile and make her a coffee. Between one sip of coffee and another, she tells me about her work and the exhausting shifts in the hospital.

I reply trying to give her support... And I tell her that it is also a very difficult period for me and my husband in trying to manage our business. As I speak, however, I have the feeling that Violet has come to ask me something and that hers is not a simple visit.

In fact, Violet frowns and tells me that her mother Virginia's health has worsened... After that she would like to give her a Christmas present a little different from the previous ones. 

My enthusiastic idea for a gift for Christmas

So an idea comes to me: I suggest she look at some of the canvases I've made with my Flowerpup team and Violet accepts with a curious expression. Look at my portraits carefully and I notice that her eyes light up.

I take the laptop and also show her the procedure for ordering portraits. Violet, super enthusiastic, thanks me many times both for the idea and for the coffee and compliments me on the portraits.

Afterwards, I walk her to the door and we say goodbye warmly.

A few days later, she called me to thank me again for the idea I gave her and to ask me if I had received her order. I confirm that the order has arrived and that the photos of the big puppy Lucky are wonderful.

I proposed that we meet after about ten days in order to deliver the frame ready to be wrapped. And so it was.


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The Christmas gifts for cheering up friend

We met at her house and together we made the gift package and wrote the birthday card for Virginia. We indulged in the choice of wrapping paper and various ribbons to decorate the package.

Also, I left Violet an envelope in which I paid her back the money she would have spent on the frame. I explained to her that I was very impressed by the bond with her mother and by her gesture.

Violet, moved, hugged me and thanked me for all the help.

I can't wait for Violet to deliver Virginia's present. I hope she likes the thought.

But above all I hope that this colorful gift will give her joy and relief in times of difficulty due to deteriorating health.



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