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Remember your pet at Christmas

Remember that your pet will always be part of your Christmas… Argo is always here next to me, even if the years go by and become more and more.

I still remember when he played with christmas tree balls: he rolled and ran with those balls and always managed to break one… I've lost count of how many he broke!

For fear of being scolded, he hid behind the tree… and when I called him, he pretended to play hide and seek… But there was always one mortified tail that banged on the bells and made a lot of noise! You had to see it, it was really funny!

And I couldn't scold him every time… Did I love him too much, maybe?


Memories taken from the Flowerpup blog

The other day I received a very sweet comment…

" Good morning. I just read your story. I can totally relate. My heart still aches for my Samson and Bear. I have their ashes in my curio and place their Christmas collars over the boxes during the holidays. Makes me feel they are still a part of our celebration. I miss them all the time. Max and Zelda helps with the emptiness and wave of emotion I feel occasionally. Tearing up just typing this. Blessings to you for what you do for others.."


And actually it really is like this: Our pets, even if they are no longer here, are always with us even on holidays.

And I don't know why, but at Christmas the thought of Argo is always more alive..

Maybe because I love Christmas?

Or because I have so many fun and sweet memories of him in the winter time?

The fact is that I miss him… and I'm sure you miss your pet too…

The important thing is that his memory remains positive and joyful in our hearts!

And remember: if you feel sad or down in the dumps, arm yourself with pen and paper and write, as I tell you in the article Free yourself from suppressing emotions

It will really do you good believe me!


Memorial for pets: A corner to remember your pet

Going back to the previous comment of a sweet lady (or please if you're reading don't get angry with me! I hope I've snatched a smile from you).

Who among you wanted to commemorate your pet by creating a corner of the house dedicated to him, or them?

There are those who have decided to make a corner with their urns, their collar their game.

I don't have an actual corner where I commemorate it.

But in my study there is still his favorite blanket next to me while I work, and even though it's old, faded and with holes in it, I refuse to throw it away.

When I spend many hours on the PC I always get cold (yes I'm quite chilly!), so I take his blanket and put it on my shoulders.

It doesn't heat up much being punctured, but the memory of Argo always warms me!

I also have the background of my work laptop that constantly changes images, showing me photos of Argo according to the season: In this period he is throwing himself into the pile of dry leaves that Giosuè (my husband) has collected with care and commitment from the garden.

Argo punctually ruined his beautiful work, and I saw them run (actually my husband scolded him and Argo ran away!).

Or the photos of our walks in the woods, and when we collected chestnuts!

Once he even ate a snail! How disgusting!!!

Luckily he spit it out immediately and never did it again…


How to memorialize your pet

Forgive me, but when I think of Argo, so many memories come back to me! I hope I don't bore you and that you enjoy reading them!

However, I want to share with you some small ideas to create, or make your puppy memorial corner more welcoming during the Christmas period.

Decorate it with colorful lights, every evening its corner will light up and come to life!


  • Put in his corner a mini Christmas tree decorated with his favorite color, or the color that reminds you of him the most.
  • Put a picture of him posing under the Christmas tree: the cutest one, like with reindeer antlers or Santa's cap! I'm sure you've made one about it!
  • Place a candle that resembles its scent. Turn it on every night and feel the warmth of its memory that invades you.
  • Create a Flowerpup style portrait and frame it: it will make its corner more positive thanks to a thousand flowers and colours!


Already have a corner of your beloved furry friend?

If you like, share a comment describing me as it is, I would really like to read you!

A big hug


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Do you do cats too ??
The one you did for my dogs is heavenly

Margaret Viera

I have also got a memorial tree for my Ava. Last year was the first Christmas without her. It is decorated with her color of pink lights. All the ornaments, either are personal ones of her likeness and name on them, or ones that remind me of her, complete with a light up angel dog topper. She was a rescue, so I donated to a place that helps shelters with funds to buy food and help shelter pets with whatever they need. They give you the tree topper and tell you how many dogs your helping with the purchase. I thought it was a fitting thing to add. Part of her ashes are in a pink heart necklace i wear, the rest are in a wooden box with a name plate on it and a saying that says her name, birth and death and Always Loved and Never Forgotten. On top, sits a plaque with her name and likeness with angel wings sitting on top that reads: Ava Nika April 21, 2021
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone, part of us went with you the day God called you home. Also on top of the box is a hair clipping from her that came with the ashes and her pawprint. A pink crystal butterfly. A few of her favorite tennis ball, with her teeth marks still in them, are sitting close to her box. Monogrammed A V A candles, that I light every year on her birth and death date. A porcelain unicorn statue and an elephant with her name and birth date, i painted on there. I also have a few feathers, that have come into my presence, making me feel that they somehow have been left by her. A couple Disney princess ornaments for the princess she was to me. A bone shaped key chain that says I ❤Ava. One popcorn kernel reminds me of her love of crunching on popcorn kernels, whenever we shared popcorn together. I also have a picture of her in there. Family members also gave me a pillow with her picture that says you left paw prints on my heart and a light up heart crystal with her picture etched into it. I also have a stuffed animal likeness of her, made accurately especially from pictures of her. I put her collar on it. I dress it up for holidays, like I used to dress her up, when she was with me.
It would mean so much to add one of your beautiful paintings to my home. I already have a beautiful drawing of her, someone else did for me, but yours is truly unique. I look forward to a purchase from you in the near future. Thank you for your time on these artworks and compassion. You truly have a wonderful talent.

Melinda Fischer

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