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A marry Flowerpup Christmas

It's our first Flowerpup Christmas together and I really want to give you Wishes for a Flowerpup Christmas thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time spent together, for your presence and also for the love you have given to your pet.

 Flowerpup christmas

Comfort feeling

I know how you feel after his loss.

I know what it feels like when your beloved 4-legged child is gone...

Suddenly everything is different...

The house is silent..

No more paws trampling the mud in every room.

No more hair on the sofa.

Nothing plus find them with a guilty look after devouring your fluffy slippers.

You really feel that something is missing, both inside and outside of you… An excruciating emptiness inside, right next to your heart… You feel lost and lost.

It's devastating, I understand!

And for this reason the Flowerpup blog was born: to comfort feeling you.

In the blog you will find many ideas to face this delicate moment. And live it looking at it from different points of view.


A Help to overcome grief

I like that you see Flowerpup as your corner of comfort and help to overcome grief. Like the idea of remembering our four-legged friends with a portrait enriched by flowers, colors and emotions. A portrait that keep them alive that bond and love that I am able to bring into our lives.

I'll tell you more, a part of them lives in you with the teachings that only a pet can give you.

In fact, every time I see Argo's portrait, I feel it right next to me. Like always having a guardian angel, a presence that supports me day by day and encourages me to go on… to live!

My eyes are filled with tears as I try to convey to you the emotions experienced thanks to you and all the people who have decided to remember their pet with a portrait.

You are so many!!!

When I decided to turn my story and my grief over the loss of Argo into all of this I never imagined I'd find so many people in my situation.

When I started writing blog articles, I never thought I'd receive so many messages from you! Messages of thanks, of comfort, messages that honored your furry friends.

I will never stop thanking you!


A marry Flowerpup Christmas

The end of the year is the time to take stock, think about the new goals we want to achieve for the new year…

And with just weeks left of the book's release, I couldn't be happier, and I would never get tired to repeat it…


Before leaving you to your celebrations, my warmest wishes for you this Flowerpup Christmas: I wish you the serenity of living precious moments, what truly enriches our lives.

May it be a marry Flowerpup Christmas filled with love and joy in your heart just like the one you gave to your fur baby.

If you haven't read the article with the Christmas recipe yet, I told you about a small tradition full of meaning that I carry on even though Argo isn't here with me… cuddling the neighborhood dogs.

I like to think that he sees me and is very happy about it.

Christmas is the time to thank the past and pray for the future. It is the season to leave all sorrows behind and welcome all joys.

A hug and Merry Flowerpup Christmas,


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Merry Christmas, Helen, and a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with Love & Peace!

Nanci Miersch

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