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What’s your pet’s favorite toy?

What's your pet’s favorite toy? Why does it always grab a specific one, usually that old all chewed up ball, even if it has a full box of new toys?

I still remember that Argo had an old chicken shaped toy ( that loud noise only lasted for a week thankfully)

It was impossible to get rid of it, he would always cry

Afraid of me getting rid of that toy Argo “hid it” every night: poor Argo thought that was a good hidden place but I knew he put it behind the vase in the garden.

You should have seen it when he played with it!!

All happy with his chicken Ricky (yes, we gave it a name, it was his best friend after all!). He would proudly show it to all my friends when they came over, all giddy with happiness. 

You had to play with him or he would be all sad.

(Let’s be honest, not everyone was willing to touch such a used, bitten and slimy toy)

pet obsessed

For whatever reason your pet fixes on specific toys.

Like that old blanket from your childhood your grandma gave you when you were born, that same blanket she knitted with love waiting for your arrival, that you loved when you were little.

Or that bear plushie with a big red bow on its neck.

Certain objects and toys are simply special in yours and your pet’s eyes, you can only look at how your pet adoration, strange reactions and protection towards that beloved toy.


Why is your pet obsessed about that toy?

The life of a pet is full of simple pleasures:

  • There’s you
  • There’s treats and all that good food the owner makes for them
  • There’s toys

But others are much simpler than that: there’s only one toy.



Like Twizzler and his beloved ball


Tennis balls were his obsessions! He would always have one in his mouth even out on a walk with his loving owner.

But why does your pet have this obsession for a specific toy?

Is it the smell? the shape? the material?the color maybe?

This is a beautiful mystery!


The toy is not just a toy…

That special toy your pet is obsessed with can have a deeper meaning: it can represent a particular memory involving you.

It can be that plushie was given to him when he was a puppy ( and now that toy is full of bite marks)

Your four-legged friend links your gift to a wonderful memory that will be forever in his mind.

“It’s like when you were a kid you had a toy that your uncle gifted you for Christmas.. those moments have a special meaning and a big impact on your pet’s life”

While you’re grown up and it’s not appropriate to hold a plushie anymore, for your pet there’s no reason to get rid of that toy, since it is so attached to it.

Your pet will forever be your silly child.


Draw your pet with his favorite toy

Often you guys ask me to portray your four-legged friend with his favorite toy.

Like peaches and her beloved lion plushie

The woman told me her story commissioning me her portrait:

draw your pet


“I had Peaches since I was five, She was my constant shadow always by my side protecting me. All those that met her thought she was a big dog trapped inside a small one!

She was tiny but fierce and a true alpha dog! the only thing she loved just as much as me was the lion plushie. it’s as big as her but she liked it anyway”


So you know how much I love portraying happy memories of your pet! It's such a loving memory full of beautiful flowers and colors that will forever be in your heart!

If you’d like you can click here to commission me a personalized portrait on canvas, you can choose the type of flowers, the colors and all you desire. all of that to make you happy!



For whatever reason you pet can be fixated on a specific toy.

Like that old blanket from your childhood your grandma gave you when you were born, that same blanket she knitted with love waiting for your arrival, that you loved when you were little.

Or that big bear plushie with a red bow on its neck.

Certain toys are simply special in the eyes of your pet, you can only look at his loving, strange and protective reaction that it can only reserve for that specific toy.

What’s your pet's favorite toy?

Write it in the comments down below!

I’m looking forward to portraying your adored pet with his favorite toy!

See you soon,


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