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The root of the question: How do dogs choose a favorite person?

It's all about socialization, attention, and positive association. The way they interact with their favorite person is a good indicator that they deem that person to be loving and trustworthy.

My dog loves me, but he loves my youngest brother more. When I put my brother and me on opposite sides of the room, he runs to mybrother first without fail. I raised him, take care of him every day and feed him. He sleeps in my bed with me and yet when Jacob comes over it's as if I don't exist.

Sometimes, the person that your dog likes the most might not be their primary caregiver. There are many factors in determining a favorite person and it’s possible to change minds about what constitutes a favorite.

Some generalizations about dogs are outlined later.

How do i understand if am I my dog’s favorite person?

The age of six months is the key socialization period for dogs. Puppies can bond hardest to whoever cares for them during this time, and their early interactions have a major impact on their behavior.

Dogs that are not exposed to people wearing hats may have a fear of hats later in their lives. I got Radar when he was six months old, so I don’t know what his early socialization experiences were like. However, he tends to prefer men, leading me to believe that he had more positive experience with male caretakers.

If your dog was an adult when you adopted them, don’t worry. Continued experiences like play dates and walks can be just as beneficial as the early ones.

Attention improves bonding

Dogs will generally favor the person who spends time with them most. So if there are two parents in a family, it is likely that the dog will favor one of them. It is also possible for a dog to favor one of their two owners over the other, so if you see your loved pet favoring you or someone else, don’t take it as a personal slight.

You can improve the bond between you and your dog by giving them a lot of pets, grooming sessions, and other physical affection. Dogs are likely to seek out more love if you are being stand-offish towards them because they get scared that you don't like them.

The key is to have a good and positive association

Dogs play favorites depending on what they associate with. Dogs will form a bond with the person who shows them affection and gives them special attention. The person who feeds dogs their favorite treats is also very important to them.

Dogs have a tendency to have bad feelings towards people who have done them wrong, but if you train and socialize your dog with positive reinforcement, you can strengthen the bond.

They go where you go

If your dog follows you all the time, it's a sign that they have positive feelings for you. Velcro behavior often reflects positive behaviors such as licking, playing and other signs of endearmen

What about dog licking?

You may have a dog that just can’t help giving your hands and face a quick bath with their tongue. And while kisses between people are commonly a sign of affection, you may have wondered whether your dog licking you is supposed to carry the same message.

Dogs lick as a sign of food-seeking, submission and communication. Although licks cannot be taken to mean you are their favorite human, dogs lick more often if they view the human as lower on the hierarchy.

Dog breed play a part with the personality of human

The saying, “like attracts like,” can be seen in the relationship between dog and person. Dogs may choose a favorite person, with energy and personality levels matching their own. My shyer dog is more bonded to me and my other dog goes to my more active brother.

How to become your dog’s favorite

Spend at least 30 minutes a day engaged in one-on-one time with your dog. This can include walks, yard time, and watching TV together.

Playing a game of fetch, tug, or frisbee is one way to bond with your dog. You can also train with your dog or participate in an activity they enjoy like agility, dock-diving, doggy gym, food or grooming.

Positive human-animal relationships are natural. If you give your dog love and positive experiences, he will repay you with a lifetime of love no matter who he may act more excited to see.

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