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The personalized portrait that united the souls of two sister

In this article I'll tell you the story of Wilma and her two dogs, and how their personalized portrait helped Wilma overcome her guilt.

Wilma quickly lost both of her sweet little dogs Peach and Strawberry, two tender and inseparable dachshund dogs.

In the next few lines I'll tell you her full story...or rather, I'll let Wilma tell their tender and sad story directly, with a very unique ending.

bond between identical twins

The bond between identical twins

"The bond between Peach and Strawberry was a magical one, and there was not a moment when the two were separated: they walked side by side, they slept side by side, they brought my husband's slippers back every night alongside each other, when he came home after work.

They were like Siamese twins, two sweet little dogs walking in sync coordinating their body movements--even their tails!

They were two little foundlings. Robin (my husband) and I found them one day while returning from a beach vacation, hiding in a box in the rain, left to fend for themselves and poorly fed.

I thought they were sisters. They were holding each other tightly and shivering side by side for warmth...So we decided to take them home with us and take care of them.

I believe in destiny.

I could not have children. Finding Peach and Strawberry at a bad time in my life was my salvation.

They are and always will be in my heart.

I lost Peach on a summer day, and that was not the only misfortune."

The grief over the loss of a pet

"Peach died of a bad disease that we discovered only a few days before her death.

In those days, Strawberry never left her alone. She did not want to be separated from her. She sensed that something was wrong and that her sister was not well.

Strawberry watched over her and was always by her side, as if she wanted to make her last days of life sweet without letting her lack anything.

The moment when Peach died was really devastating: Strawberry was crying in despair and wouldn't let me get anywhere near Peach.

I had to ask my husband's help for us to separate them... I felt very guilty that day."

A few days later Wilma commissioned me a portrait of Peach, surrounded by beautiful and colorful flowers, to commemorate her.

But this is not the end of the story, as Wilma continues:

"Since Peach's death, Strawberry was never the same and I had to force her to eat. She did not bring the slippers back to my husband and she wouldn't leave the house.

She no longer sought attention from me either.

Until, one day, I found her asleep forever in her kennel.

She passed away only 2 months after Peach's death because of the pain of her was very sad, but at the same time it freed my heart from that tremendous guilt of separating her from her sister."


How to bring two souls together through personalized portraits

Wilma also commissioned me to paint a portrait of Strawberry as well, but in learning her sad story I decided to do something different: I decided to portray Peach and Strawberry together.

I took the previously sent photo of Peach, joined it with Strawberry's and drew them together surrounded by beautiful colorful daisies, a symbol of deep friendship.

In this way, I wanted to bring their souls together.

I did it to help Wilma feel better and not feel guilty.

When I sent Wilma the draft of the drawing, she was moved and thrilled to see Peach and Strawberry together again, united in one portrait. It was like having them united again, like reliving their symbiotic bond forever.

"Helen, thanks to this personalized portrait you have really lifted a weight off my heart. I feel at peace because I know that Peach and Strawberry are together again."


Thanks to Wilma, I have combined the inseparable souls of the two little dogs into a portrait. Creating these portraits and knowing that they hearten you in such delicate moments fills my heart with immense joy.

If you, as Wilma, would like to portray your pets in a single portrait, please email me and send me photos of your wonderful 4-legged friends, it would be an honor for me to be able to unite their souls forever.

I am waiting for you and send you a big hug,


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