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Positive emotions: why I use flowers in my personalized portraits

Did you know that flowers convey positive emotions?

In this article I'll reveal to you what positive emotions flowers give off, and why I use them within my custom portraits.

positive emotions

Why are flowers and positive emotions so important for our well-being?

Imagine you are standing on a hillside, on a beautiful sunny day, admiring an immense field of sunflowers.

What would be your reaction to seeing this expanse of enchanting yellow flowers?

I'm sure it would come close to something along the lines of: "WOW how beautiful, how good I feel!".

In fact, as several psychological studies show, flowers awaken positive feelings and emotions in us, and improving our mood, creativity and productivity.

Flowers stimulate dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin making us happy and positive, as also stated in this article in the journal Psychology Today (click here to read it).

This is what I do: I give joy, happiness and positive emotions to anyone who receives one of my personalized portraits.

It also benefits those who have gone through a bad emotional experience and need strength, courage and positivity to deal with it.

My portraits are true bearers of positive emotions.

If you haven't read my story yet (I wish you would), I invite you to click to [this link] and you'll be taken directly to my dedicated blog article.

Why colorful flowers? 

Flowers, specifically:

  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • make people happier
  • ward off negative energies

They can provide beneficial effects to the body : sense of peace, improved self- esteem, etc.


The meaning of flowers and their positive emotion 

The Sunflower - cheerfulness and positivity

The sunflower responds to the meaning of joy, cheerfulness and liveliness.

It is a nice and bright flower, energetic and full of positivity. It symbolizes the sunshine and is ideal for expressing friendship, gratitude or bringing even just a little cheerfulness and good cheer.


The Rose - the flower with a thousand meanings

The rose is a feminine, sensual flower that gives love to the recipient.

My husband often gives it to me after a small quarrel or argument, to make up for it.

He always succeeds - it must be the positive energy the rose exudes?

The Cherry blossom - fragility and strength

The cherry blossom is a symbol of both fragility and tenacity.

It symbolizes wealth, rebirth and good omen.

The Daisy - lightheartedness and simplicity

Daisy is a symbol of lightheartedness, good cheer and sunny disposition.

Have you ever played the "she loves me, she loves me not" game with her petals?

It is said that this flower has prophetic faculties, and this is the reason that has always prompted lovers to leaf through it to know their love destiny.

I did it so many times as a teenager!

The Gerbera - simplicity and sharing

The Gerbera is a flower of simple and vibrant beauty, symbolizing joy, cheerfulness and sharing, but most of all admiration and gratitude.

I use it a lot in portraits of dead pets, to express the admiration their owners have shown for them.

The Peach blossoms - deep and eternal love

Peach blossoms symbolize eternal love.

They represent an ideal type of flower for a solid and intense love relationship, such as the one between you and your pet.

The Azalea - hope and joy for the future

The azalea is the flower that heralds spring and thus becomes the bearer of a message of hope for the future.

Indeed, its showy and flamboyant shape, pleasant scent and bright color underscore this sense of confidence in the future, positivity and gratitude.

I use it to instill the courage to move forward, even if one's beloved pet is gone.


Emotions such as joy, happiness, surprise, amazement, and love instill a sense of well-being. Positive emotions open to the world, just like a flower that blooms and opens to the reality around it.

Are you ready to make a portrait of your pet, surrounded by beautiful and colorful flowers?

All you have to do is send me a picture of him, and I will take care of the rest.

See you soon,


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How much do they cost

Shirley pennington

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