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Pets and Fireworks: How to have a safe new year's Eve

How beautiful are fireworks? Our eyes become children every time we look at them. (actually mixed with fear... at least I always covered my ears with my little hands.)

And precisely because the noise is so deafening that your puppy could get terribly scared.

So how do you keep it safe?

In this article, I'll help you make New Year's Eve safer for your furry friend.


How to have a safe new year's Eve for your pet?

Did you know that our furry friends' hearing is sharper than ours?

So if the sound of fireworks is loud for you, imagine your child's fright at hearing the loud roar of fireworks!

In fact, most (well, all) animals are terrified of fireworks.

You must know that, on the most pyrotechnic day of the year, billions of animals run away in terror and are lost by their owners.

So how to make New Year's Eve safer for the pet?


Create a pet den where he can hide

Build a den in a quiet area of your home and let them access it at all times before the fireworks so they can get used to it and make its corner “his”.

Cover the den with blankets and pillows to block out as much noise as possible. Let your puppy know that the place is safe, perhaps by often spending time together in the den, perhaps playing or cuddling him.

Make sure he realizes it's a safe space where he's protected.

One more tip: Play a recorded track of fireworks noises in the background, not too loud please (you can find playlists on the internet), so he can get used to the noise. In the meantime, give him lots of cuddles to show them that he is safe in the den.

Over time, your pet will understand that the den is a safe and pleasant place.


Calming pet music

Did you know that classical music is your pet's favorite music? According to a study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, classical music has better relaxing effects for your pet than other genres of music.

Classical music reduces their barks and also increases the time they spend sleeping.

Play some relaxing music before and during the fireworks, it will make him feel calmer, more relaxed and less afraid.


Tire him out as much as you can

We know very well how calmer animals are after having "let off steam", perhaps with a nice run, or playing together.

Before the fires start, take your pet for a long walk, let him blow off steam as much as possible and have some fun. Give him a nice nutritious meal and then invite him to rest in his safe den. You will see that the fires will not disturb him.

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More tips before the fireworks start

Before saying goodbye, I want to leave you some other little tips and tricks to take into consideration before the brightest party of the year begins.

  • Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks. Darken the safe haven so he can't see any flash outside.
  • Put on some music or TV to mask the sounds of the fireworks.
  • Ignore the noises of the fireworks yourself. Play with a toy to see if your pup wants to participate, but don't force him to play.
  • If you plan to take your pet out with you during the fireworks, make sure you have a leash and plenty of treats to create positive feelings.


What steps do you take to help your pet have a more peaceful New Year's Eve?

Let me know, it might help us all.

Happy New Year!

A hug,


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