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Pet memorial portrait: The best way to positively remember your pet

Is it possible to find serenity in a pet memorial portrait?

In this article I want to share with you some practical tips that have allowed me to overcome difficult moments and find inner serenity, without dragging on emotional suffering for too long.


How to deal with grief of losing a pet?

I know very well how to deal with grief of losing a pet... It can strike like a bolt from the blue, and leave a huge void in our hearts.

The loss of Argo was very painful, an emptiness in my chest that didn't allow me to breathe. As if the following days (and months), I lived constantly in apnea underwater.

I saw the days advancing as if they didn't belong to me... because a part of me seemed to die together with Argo... lost in the depths.

Then negative emotions such as guilt, anxiety, anger begin to make their way...

In this whirlwind of emotions you end up feeling blocked and helpless and finding serenity may seem impossible.

But is not so.

Moments of pain in our lives come to invite us to go deeper within ourselves to explore our untapped potential.

The difficult moments are the most precious ones. But only if we give ourselves permission to fully experience them.


Get rid of emotional suffering quickly

One thing I want to tell you, and that I quote in Getting over the death of a pet: 5 steps you should follow

Allow yourself to be wrong…. I know that you try in every way to repress your pain.

I also know you try to run away from it, or pretend everything is fine.

It's normal to react like this: it's part of our defense mechanisms..But there's only one way to get through a difficult time: to live it.

You have to live it, feel it. Only then can you transform it.


“In every winter's heart there is a quivering spring, and behind the veil of each night there is a shining dawn.” Khalil Gibran

Dealing with the loss of a pet: Mistakes that can be made

Often as you dealing with the loss of a pet, phrases like these will arise in your mind...

“Why me?”, “Why did this happen?”, “What did I do wrong?”, “Why did that person do me this wrong?”, “What is wrong with me?”…

Sound familiar to you, don't they?

The truth is that there is no use torturing yourself with a thousand questions if not to fall into a spiral of suffering with no way out.

In fact, the mind often afflicts itself with unanswered questions, so one ends up lost in confusion and pain again..

..And again in an infinite wheel.

But don't worry because if you recognize yourself in these sentences there is an easy and effortless way to interrupt these extremely harmful questioning...

I'll explain it to you in this article: Free yourself from suppressing emotions


Pet memorial portraits: Overcoming a difficult moment by changing perspective

Difficult moments are those that put us to the test, that sweep away all our certainties, that bring us down by facing our limits.

These moments of pain make us feel helpless and bring out our shadows.

It's always the moments of difficulty that allow us to become better by pushing ourselves beyond our limits.

It's the most tiring situations that reveal our unexpressed abilities and make our light shine. This is what happened to me with Flowerpup.

Losing Argo gave me a way to follow my hobbies, my heart.

Starting to create pet memorial portraits that enclose the soul of our beloved pet.

A pet memorial portrait that gives positive emotions to people who have lost their pet.

My mission and that of the artists who collaborate with me day after day in the creation of Flowerpup portraits.


"Resilience is the ability to face difficult situations with a constructive attitude."

It's time to let go

Moments of pain often invite us to stop, reflect and let go in order to renew ourselves!

So how do you really move forward?

To let go, it is necessary to free yourself from attachment by practicing acceptance.

Acceptance is not resignation. It's not a passive act but it's the conscious choice to flow along with the flow of life.

Accepting that things are exactly as they are means seeing reality for what it is. Only this allows you to make a change.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Emil Frankl


Within us there are untapped resources and abilities and the most difficult moments give you the opportunity to let them emerge.

I know it's not easy, I've been there too…

But try to find a way out of the tumult of negative emotions. Turn them into something that helps you feel good.

Draw (like I did), go back to reading if it makes you feel good, sign up for a yoga class… There are infinite ways, you just have to find yours.

What I can do for you is help you by painting your beloved pet.

A hug, and I hope this article can help you get out of the depths of your pain.


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Thank you. I feel all these and am struggling.

Lisa Van Horn

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