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Mourning a pet: the story of Jasmine and Stitch

Mourning a pet: yesterday I received a letter from Jasmine, a girl who revealed to me how she managed to overcome her grief over the loss of Stitch, her beloved bunny.

I want to share this letter with you so that it may help you and instill courage in dealing with the pain of losing your pet.


How Jasmine overcame the pain of losing her pet rabbit

"My beloved Stitch is dead, I can't bear all this pain," Jasmine writes at the beginning of the letter, reliving her experience.


It is precisely by venting in long cries that she has slowly managed to come to terms with the loss of Stitch.

Continuing, he writes:

"Stitch and I were inseparable, our bond was truly unique and special. When I lost him my cries were truly endless. As soon as I heard a relative or friend mention my beloved bunny, the tears would come down and wet my face.

If there is one good thing I have learned, it is not to be ashamed but to cry freely."

You know that mourning is unfortunately not enough to overcome your loss, but as you continue reading you will see that you will find many helpful insights for yourself as well.


Share your pain with others

"There were times where I would lock myself in the house and I didn't want anyone around, I just wanted to be alone with my pain.

But then I felt the need to talk about it with someone. So I decided to call a friend who, years earlier, had suffered the death of her dog. That really helped me a lot."

"My friend told me the story of how she coped with the death of her Labrador and told me how she managed to overcome the grief...I won't deny that we even cried together on more than one occasion. But it did me a lot of good. I was smiling again after more than 25 days of sadness and isolation."


Mourning a pet: Find yourself again

"Another thing that really helped me was running, my favorite sport.

After Stitch's death, I neglected myself a lot. I was bingeing on junk food, trying to hide the pain even from myself. And I didn't take care of myself, didn't wear makeup, didn't fix my hair. I was always unmade and in my pajamas.

Until one day, when I looked in the mirror and saw myself looking so wasted and unkempt, I felt shocked. My weight had increased by seven kilos in four months.

Something in me snapped that day and I decided to start running again. This helped me not only to get back in shape, but also served as a vent to get over the loss of my beloved rabbit."

As Jasmine, you may find comfort too in playing sports or taking up an old hobby of yours.

I also resumed painting, after the death of my dear friend Argo, creating colorful floral portraits that radiate positive energy.

You can find my full story here.



How I chased away pain through the ritual of flowers

"Stitch loved daisies and poppies. Do you know why?

Often, on my way home from work in the summer, I would stop in the field near the house and pick daisies and poppies, creating a beautiful bouquet to fill an old vase I had in the living room.

In the morning, I would wake up to find Stitch intent on happily munching on the previous day's flower harvest.

Now I often pick daisies and poppies by filling that old vase in the living room that I placed next to Stitch's floral portrait, also surrounded by colorful flowers.

That's how I have commemorated him every day since then, and it has really helped me get over his loss."



Knowing that my paintings really have a positive impact on people, really fills my heart!

I thank Jasmine for sharing her experience with us. And I really hope her words can help you in overcoming your sadness.

I will continue to tell you the stories of those who are experiencing, or have experienced, the pain of losing their pets.

If you want help, commemorate your pet with his personalized portrait, it will really help you a lot.

I will surround him with colorful flowers for you.

A big hug,


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I loved what you wrote. I am still grieving over my Lucy lu. I had her since I was 16 and I’m 30 now. She passed away 9 months ago and was my best friend she helped me over the years a lot and calmed me. I think it’s great you do your pictures and I loved what you wrote about your bunny.


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