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International Dog Day: how to celebrate your dog

International Dog Day, on August 26th, is the best day to celebrate and remember your four-legged friend. But also to highlight and help those unfortunate dogs all around the world.

So if you’re an animal lover this article is a must read: you’ll find useful tips on how to celebrate and remember dogs on this special day.


Abandoned Dog: a vile gesture

When summer comes everyone tries to take some well deserved rest.. there’s some that take that to the extreme..

It is right to have fun during summer and take some rest from work and the chaotic city life, but there’s some people who, in my opinion, do the most cruel and vile thing you could do to someone: abandon their dog. 

And it’s not just dogs but every pet…

According to Eurospes 130K animals get abandoned every year

If I have to find a reason why these families abandon their pet, alone and defenseless on the highway, or cats being left far away from their homes, it would be linked to not being able to bring pets on vacation with them.

How much selfishness do you need to have to totally abandon your beloved pets on the side of a road? There's no excuse or rational explanation on why they commit this crime.

Celebrate happy memories at the world dog day

Fortunately there’s people like me and you that fully immerse ourselves into the love of our pets.

Argo was my shadow, my life, and he is still now cherished in my heart. He guides me in my dreams, helping me make difficult choices..

He is always with me.

And I'm sure that it’s the same for you right?

With our pets we lived through wonderful and unforgettable moments.

How many memories do we have with our furry friends? a lot surely.

But there’s that one special memory that stands out from every other one... And you want to remember it forever so you take a picture.

And if exactly that memory will become a happy memory to relive every day?

Maybe celebrating your beloved pet with a painting for the International Dog Day?

Click here and follow every step to have a Flowerpup painting of your dog. They will be surrounded by beautiful flowers!


I’ll leave you some useful tips on how to choose the proper picture to send us:


1- The image resolution is important: make sure the photo is on focus and bright, showing your pet’s beautiful colors and hues ( fur, eye color …)

2- Chose a bright photo with no distraction in the background like street lamps, cars, strangers, fences… ( if they have a favorite toy we can paint that too)

3- If you have a lot of the same photos on your phone or pc, choose your favorite ones and delete the others. This will help you clear your mind and choose the right one with no distractions, but also make room for new pictures!

4- Chose a photo that sparks joy to you, candid and genuine

5- Be cruel in choosing your photo, uncertainty and hurry will make you choose the wrong picture so take your time to think.


The choice can be hard i understand, so take all the time you need

I can’t wait to transform it into a personalized portrait on canvas by Flowerpup.


Click here to commission your personalized portrait


What can you do to help and gift love during International Dogs Day

International Dog day is the perfect day to commemorate all your dog friends you had in your life but also to help the one who need it all around the world

So what can you do during this day?


  • Visit animal shelters and pass your time cuddling with all the pups and bring some food and blanket you don’t use anymore
  • Do volunteering in shelters and help abandoned dogs helping them with their trauma. it will make you and them both feel good.
  • Adopt an abandoned dog.. they will give you endless love because they will know they found their forever loving home.


You will find so many associations and initiatives all around the world trying to help those unfortunate dogs.



Snuggle with your dog friends during International Dog Day, visit animal shelters or think about making a big step and adopt one of those wonderful dogs.

And if you had the honor to live with these brilliant creatures, remember them with a personalized painting on canvas, I will draw them surrounded by beautiful flowers and positive thoughts.



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