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International Day of Friendship: 6 good reasons to celebrate it with your pet

The best friendship? the one you have with your pet. The 30th of July is the International Day of Friendship. In this article I’ll tell you 6 good reasons to celebrate it with your furry friend.

Being a dog, a cat, a parrot, a horse or whatever pet you own, your bond is special, take a moment to appreciate with them.

Benefits of having a pet

Which are benefit of having a pet? Your pet shows you over and over again how loyal, gentle, understanding is, and has an untamable spirit.

It greets you every morning, happy to see you, even if you’re having a bad day, your pet is always there for you, supporting you, making your day instantly better.

Moreover the benefits of owning a pet are:

  • a longer life
  • less chance of cardiovascular diseases
  • lessen solitude
  • it can reduce allergies like asthma in children
  • it makes you more sociable with other people

Unconditional love and companionship have no value.That's why you should celebrate International Friendship Day.

Your pet is right there with you when you feel ill, sad or lonely. They love you even when you’re nervous and have a bad attitude, rude or disappointed.

But there’s more benefit of having a pet, and I’ll show you in the next paragraph.


6 good reasons to be grateful to your pet

Your dear pet teaches you many things during its life…

1) To be more sociable

People who own a pet are more extroverted compared to non-owners. It can help being more open to meeting other people, even more when you’re with your lovely pet.

If you're on a walk with your pet it is much easier to start a conversation with you. A recent survey shows that 95% of interviewees say that you’re more inclined to greet a stranger if they have a pet because they make them less anxious or threatened.

2) Makes you love outdoors activities more, reducing stress level

Pets live in the moment, they don't care that much about what they’ve been or their past.

Your pet teaches you to live in the moment, not caring about the past or fearing the future, limiting your stress levels and anxiety.

A good walk in the park, a picnic by the lake… it’s what they want to have fun with you outdoors, right at that moment.

3) Teaches you how to forgive without remorse

It may be their habit of always moving their tails or to ask for attention for a pet.. but there’s always something that goes wrong making a mess…

But messes can happen, like with children, why won't you forgive them if they spill some flour? or scratched the sofa?

Ps. How dorky are they when they try to deny it? it’s impossible to resent them!

4) Teaches you how to be responsible

Your pets have to be taken care of: give them water and food, brush them, cuddle them, take them outside to go potty or to play..

They’re all activities that make you more responsible and ready to help others, putting others first before you.

5) Teaches you empathy and sensibility

How many times do you let your pet affections affect you? a lot, right?

People who have a pet tend to be more empathic: you feel every emotion like your own and you understand them deeply.

At the same time you’re more perceptible of your friends’ feelings, that’s why you’re more sensible and more in tune with your own emotions.

6) Teaches you loyalty

The bond between you and your pet is loyal and generous from both sides. it’s difficult to expect mistrust from you, you care a lot about the relationship and not only the one with your pet.

Your pet teaches you the real meaning of being loyal.


Can a more special relationship like the one you have with your pet exist?

A friendship that makes your life more full and lasts ages, it’s nearly impossible to find such a loyal and more affectionate bond.

The days pass by without arguments or miscommunications, a bond where you can understand each other with just a glance.

And you like me can understand how important that is.

Why not commemorate your friendship, your special bond, during International Friendship day?

Gift yourselves a beautiful personalized portrait on canvas in true Flowerpup style! I’ll be more than happy to recreate your wonderful friendship on canvas.



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I had to Helen do a painting from a Picture about three months ago turned out absolutely beautiful it was of my 20 year old cat little did I know that I will be losing my kitty just a few days ago I am so happy that I have this portrait of my little girl she did beautiful job and I’ll never forget

Kathy Martin

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