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International Cat Day: how to pay tribute to the cat

The International Cat Day, celebrated on August 8, is the best time to remember the feline friends in your life. But also to celebrate and help cats in all corners of the world who need help.

So if you are a cat lover, or you love animals in general, read this article and find out how you can help cats and celebrate them on their world day.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cat? Therein lies its enchantment and its secret, but listening to its voice makes the heart vibrate...

What cat gives

The cat provides many health benefits and is an excellent pet.

Studies have shown that cat owners have better psychological health than those without pets. Both adults and children report feeling happier, more positive and relaxed with a cat as part of the family.

How relaxing is his purring?!!!

Cats have the ability to be a powerful stress reliever: in fact, cat owners have a lower resting heart rate than people without cats. Cats can also reduce the risk of various heart diseases, including stroke.

Several studies in the United Kingdom have found that people sleep better with a cat than with their human partner.

How could you not sleep better with a purring ball of fur curled up next to you?

(Now though, don't think about abandoning your husband or partner😅)

"Those who have never had a cat do not know what they have lost and how much intelligence and affection they are capable of. Not knowing and loving him is a great loss to our own lives and happiness."

(Margherita Hack)

How to remember your happy moments

How many memories have you experienced together with your furry friend? Definitely so many.

But there must have been a moment when you asked yourself: this day is great I must remember it, and you must have taken a lot of pictures with your beloved cat.

What if one of them, perhaps the most beautiful one, became a happy memory to relive every day?

Perhaps commemorating him with a painting on International Cat Day itself.

Click here and follow all the steps to receive a Flowerpup portrait of your cat, you will surround him with beautiful and positive flowers!

Curiosities about cats

Did you know that cats were domesticated about 12,000 years ago?

This happened exactly when humans moved from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agricultural lifestyle, where barns were infested with mice. Cats took advantage of this and moved in to hunt rodents, their favorite food!

Cats essentially chose on their own to live with humans!

Early breeders recognized the important role cats played in parasite management. It was a win-win situation: cats got free food and people got free parasite control!

Even in ancient Egypt the cat became a respected and revered animal. It is well documented that cats were part of Egyptian family life, pampered and adorned with jewelry. Cats were so highly valued that the penalty for killing a cat in ancient Egypt was death.

“Even the smallest of felines, the cat, is a masterpiece”

 (Leonardo Da Vinci)

What you can do to give love on Cat Day

World Cat Day is the best time to remember the feline friends in your life. But also to celebrate and help cats in all corners of the world who need help.

What specifically can you do on World Cat Day?

  • Visit shelters by filling many furry friends with cuddles, or by donating food or everyday items you no longer use
  • Join a charity at a local shelter
  • Adopt a kitten looking for a family

You'll find lots of initiatives everywhere: Marathons with lots of cats and their owners.


Pamper your feline friends on International Cat Day, visit cats in shelters or consider taking the plunge and adopting one of these wonderful creatures.


And if you have had the honor of living together with these beautiful creatures, remember them with their personalized portrait, I will surround it for you with colorful and positive flowers.

 Un abbraccio (this means 'a hug' in italian),


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