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How to overcome the loss of your dog when memories resurface

How to overcome the loss of your dog when you’re overwhelmed with memories?

It was difficult to make Argo’s recurrent memories go away from my head, even after 3 months of his departure. But there were ways that made moving on from his loss easier.

In this article you’ll find 4 ways on how to conquer your pain, sadness and guilt.

“Until you fell in love with an animal, a part of your soul is not awaken”  -- Anatole Francia

keep a diary, happy moments

How to overcome the loss of a dog

When your dog dies, it’s completely normal being overwhelmed by its memories, good or bad. The pain you feel everytime those memories come back can be oppressive and fill you with a sense of guilt, they can be hard to manage.

People around you may not understand the depth of your feelings, but you don't have to feel guilty or ashamed in showing pain from the loss of your dog.

How to overcome this pain when memories resurface even months after?

In the next paragraph I'll give you 4 ways on how to face these memories.


1- Try to focus on the happy memories you experienced together

When feelings were truly too much to handle, I used to go to my room alone and think only about the happy memories.

“think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings”

--James Matthew Barrie


Happy thoughts… that’s what makes you start to fly and make you feel better.

Okay, also a little bit of fairy dust. The most important part is moving on.

Life is not over!

Your beloved dog has taught you many things, use them to move forward and his love for you won't be wasted.

  • he taught you to love unconditionally
  • he taught you to live your life at the fullest
  • he helped you in difficult times, making your smile come back to your face.

Your dog still lives in you, he’s in you happy memories, use them to overcome this difficult time.

2- Let everything go without guilt, shame and regrets

Let yourself be sad whenever that happens. Sadness is a way for your body to cope with the pain.

Don’t repress it but accept it. Cry when you have to and laugh when you can.

In this article I will help you deal with your emotions.

His memories haunt you after months and they never seem to go away…

“If you didn’t do this maybe he would’ve not died”

“if only I was more present this wouldn’t have happened”

All of this is normal!

It’s normal to feel anger and guilt.. We cannot change past events of out life, we can only accept them and move on.

Even these strong emotions are a part of our pain and suffering caused by the loss of our pet.

3- Be thankful for all those happy moments you spent with him, despite his loss

When memories resurface, you need to find a way to celebrate them.

Here’s how I paid homage to my sweet Argo:

  • Keep a diary to overcome the loss of your dog

When sadness overwhelmed me I used to always write down in “my memories’ diary” a happy recollection of moments I spent with argo.

Tears would spill, yes, but without anger or guilt.

Remembering all those moments would also make me laugh out loud: Argo was a big oaf, he was always up to mischief, and even during those situations it was always difficult to be mad at him. I still laugh thinking about that time his tail knocked over the paint in my studio.. it was all covered in pink! It was so funny!

Even today I still read all those memories written in that diary.

  • Flowers ritual

You know how much I love flowers, that’s why I used them in my portraits on canvas.

For months I took care of that sunflower sprouted on Argo’s grave.

If you’d like, you can read my story here.

I currently own a vase where I plant sunflowers every year and I take care of them. Unconsciously it’s like taking care of argo.


  • Personalized portrait on canvas

If you’re familiar with my story then you know how Flowerpup started.

Building my own business allowed me to celebrate all the pets that made someone’s life better.

Using colors and pop-up flowers, I fill homes with positive vibes.

I capture the pets’ essence in a personalized portrait on canvas that will remind you of all those happy moments spent with them.

Argo’s portrait is in my studio where I paint. Every morning before work I stop and stare at him saying hi.

It’s thanks to him that these portraits came to be.


4- Don't deprive yourself from another pet

After Argo I adopted another dog, Brigitte, another coffee coated labrador.

From the beginning, I noticed some resemblance with argo.

Okay I know, you shouldn’t compare dogs, but it was inevitable. I noticed similarities in their behavior, her stare.

Since the first time I met Brigitte it seemed like Argo was with her.

I don't know how to explain it, but the way she looked at me while I worked.. happy.. proud..

It was like Argo sent Brigitte to thank me for all the good things I did to him and for what I'm doing with FlowerPup.

So, don't give up on another dog, your furry friend will come back to you in unexpected ways.


These are the actions that let me overcome the pain for the loss of Argo, evenmore when memories resurfaced.

I hope this can help you do the same.

If you too have found these solutions helpful or found new  ways to remember your loved one, write to me and let me know, I’ll be more than happy to read them and publish your story on my blog.

And at the same time I’ll be honored to create and print a personalized portrait on canvas for your pet and you.

I’ll be waiting,

A hug,


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Hi, do you do cat’s as well and I just got my cute little dog as a rescue and would love a portrait of her. What is the cost? Love the work you do,Patrice.


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