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How To Deal With Pet Bereavement

Pet bereavement: the death of a pet can be compared to the death of a dear one. In some cases it can be even more devastating.

In this article I will help you to get over this tragic loss, giving you some advice. The same ones that helped me get over the loss of Argo.


Pet Bereavement: don’t underestimate the effects of psychological impact

The first thing to accept is the pain. Don’t try to conceal it or repress it, you need to understand that the suffering you’re going through is valid.

Don’t listen to anyone who says: «It was just a dog.»

For those who have never shared life with a pet it’s an unexplainable feeling. But for many although (just like for you) a pet is a partner in life.

Unfortunately the relationship between humans and their pet is often trivialized and ridiculed, when instead on a psychological level the death of a pet has a huge impact, even more when it comes to guilt and anger.


Accept death and dealing with guilt

The ways and circumstances in which someone mourns may vary from each individual, but the main emotion we all face is guilt.

When Argo died I blamed myself everyday, because due to work I couldn’t spend much time with him.

I should’ve gone for a walk with him more often, or gone to the beach with him…the more time passed, the more I felt  guilty, angry and disappointed.

Argo was not here anymore, but I told myself I should move forward and stop sulking.


Pet bereavement: Don't be afraid to ask for help in losing a friend

Asking for help does not necessarily mean to consult a specialist.

Start by getting help from those closest to you, for example a friend, a family member .. the important thing is to be able to externalize your emotions, and not to repress them.

Sharing your pain with who is close to you, can help you overcome it.

But remember: if the pain is too great, asking for support from a specialist will certainly do you more good.

It will help you to express your deepest emotions, and look closely at the sense of loss.


A daily routine to help overcome the loss of your pet

To help you get over psychologically this sensitive time, a daily routine can be the best thing for you.

With the death of my dear Argo, I went everyday to the field where I buried him and tended after every single weed that grew around him.

If you read the article where I tell my story (you can find it here) right after his death, I found a sunflower sprouted over his grave, as Argo wanted to send me a message from the sky telling me to take care of myself and  don’t be sad anymore.

It was a big help to me to overcome his loss.

I took care of that sunflower for months, and to this day, even if the sunflower is not there anymore, I keep on growing flowers or small plants to remember him.

Thanks to him I give comfort to everyone that has experienced the loss of a pet through my flowery pet portraits on canvas.

If you want to take a look at my creations go here.

When it’s too early to adopt another pet

Another thing that it’s better to not undervalue is thinking of replacing your pet by adopting another one immediately. Adopting must be a concìscious choice, not done by panic or pain from your loss

 The new puppy will never be the same as your old friend.

That’s why I suggest to really think before adopting another pet and to first overcome the loss of your dear one.

Take your time to process and mourn, and then you can think about your new furry friend.



The pain of the loss of your best friend is immense, but I hope this article has given you some courage and reassurance.

👉 To keep his memory alive I’ll make you a portrait on canvas of your per surrounded by beautiful flowers, to remember all those magical moments with him. 🐶 ❤️


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