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How a dog portrait can help you through difficult times

In this article, I'm going to tell you the story of how a portrait of a dog can help you get over the loss of a pet by telling you Carlo's story.

Carlo is a 30 year old boy who had lost his little Sally, a 5 year old Chihuahua. Sally was ice white in color...just like snow.

Enjoy reading!


Love for your dog

Carlo had adopted his little Chihuahua from the kennel in his town, Cagliari.

Her old owners had abandoned her in a busy street but fortunately a sweet lady found her and took her to a kennel.

Sally was sad and frightened, to the point that as soon as a human approached her, she showed her teeth and tried to bite the unfortunate.

Until one day Carlo showed up in front of her.... and it was love at first sight.

After 4 months locked up in her bunk, alone and angry with the world, at the sight of Carlo she didn't bark...

She stood still, trembling with that wagging, furry little tail, cuddling up to that human she didn't know, but who became her best friend for the rest of her life.

Adopting a dog in kennels is a wonderful gesture!

The sad loss of a pet dog

Carlo and Sally were inseparable.

Even during work Sally was always with him (Carlo delivered orders for a farm in the country).

But it was during one of these deliveries that all hell broke loose.... During the delivery of a package, Sally was frightened by the barking of another dog and ran away... never to be found.

Carlo searched for her desperately, everywhere...for weeks on end....

but there was no trace of her... Sally had run away forever.

 A dog portrait on canvas as a gift? 

To try to cheer Carlo up, a friend of hers gave him a portrait of his dog Sally which I personally created.

I made for him a wonderful little picture to hang in his van during deliveries. That picture reminded Carlo of those beautiful moments he had spent with Sally... he missed her terribly and his worry didn't seem to diminish.

Who knows if she was okay, or if something terrible had happened to her?

He felt helpless...

Having that portrait always with him, however, brought him comfort because he felt Sally always next to him in every moment of the a certain sense it reassured him and helped to decrease his worries...

Until one day, out of nowhere...Sally came back to Carlo!!!


It seems incredible but she was found by a gentleman in his backyard all dirty, hungry and tired.

Sally returned to her beloved Carlo after 3 long months of absence and uninterrupted searches, and from then on she never escaped again!


It may sound strange, but the floral pet portraits I create really do have the power to calm and reassure people.

I get so many testimonials from people thanking me, even after a long time.

The colors I use bring happiness and decrease stress. And immortalizing your pet dog surrounded by colorful flowers can only give positivity.

This is why I chose this type of portrait. Not only because it is beautiful to look at, but because it brings positivity and calms sadness and anxiety.

So, if you also have a friend with a pet, or you yourself own one, give her floral portrait as a gift. The stress will be reduced, and you'll live your day more positively, just by looking at it for a few seconds every day.

Try to believe it!

I'll be waiting for you to draw your beloved animal.

A big hug


Ps: Did you like this story and would you like to read more? You can find the story of Sophie and her big cat in this article, or you can send me your story yourself!



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