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How a custom gift can improve a mother's life

What I'm about to tell you is a sweet story of how a son's Christmas custom gift can make Christmas sweeter and happier for a mother.

I was completing a drawing on my laptop when an email notification caught my eye.

During the Christmas period I always leave the notifications active to always be ready for any emergencies, I want all the people who ordered the portrait as a Christmas custom gift to arrive on time!

Christmas for me is a wonderful holiday! Full of joy and moments of life to share together as a family. And giving the Flowerpup portrait in such a magical period makes the happy memory of our pet friends sweeter and more exciting.

But going back to the notification of the mail, I interrupt the drawing for a moment… I have received a story!!!

You don't know it, but I really have a soft spot for your stories… I shed so many tears reading them!

And this is one of them… and being it Christmas time, and being a gift, I want to share it with you.


The Story of 2 inseparable cats

My mom adopted two kittens, Benny and Bobby, rescuing them from the street in early 2019. One year after losing our 16 year old cat.

We knew their mother cat was feral, but the kittens were in excellent health, and lots of love to give.

Benny had a sweet and kind soul. He loved cuddling and lounging next to my mother wherever she was.

When Benny looked at you, he transmitted infinite love: it seemed you could see his soul with his huge big eyes!

His brother Bobby however was wilder, just like his mom. He had piercing amber eyes, a white nose and always seemed to have a bizarre smile painted on his face (given by the coloring of his coat).

He was a curious and playful instigator, he never seemed to get tired, especially of ambushing all of us and giving us a strong fright!

Although Bobby enjoyed asking for trouble, he was never away from his brother Benny. They loved bird watching, and after hours of playing, you'd find them huddled together, in their favorite chair, tangled in each other.


A tragic illness separates them forever

However, after 5 months, Benny suddenly became very ill… After several visits the vet confirmed he had leukaemia.

My mother could only manage his symptoms and give him the best life possible, trying to relieve his pain as much as possible, for the time left to live.

Benny crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks later in May 2019.

The entire family suffered and struggled with the loss, including little brother Bobby. We feared that the brother would also fall ill, but we were told that he was healthy and would have many years left to live.

Over the next few months, Bobby began to mature and grow beautifully, much to everyone's relief. Even without his little brother… but he missed a lot.

However, this serenity was short-lived, as that October he too fell ill with leukemia. Bobby was a tenacious fighter, but unfortunately the disease took over too quickly: Within two weeks he joined his brother Benny, also crossing the rainbow bridge...

I know my mom gave them a great life and went the extra mile for the short time they were with her.

She suffered a lot from their loss and I did everything I could to cheer her up. But when you lose an animal it hurts a lot, because it's like losing a loved one: They transmit a lot of love, sometimes even more than human beings.

They are gone too soon, but they live on forever in our hearts.


Best personalized pet gift: The Flowerpup portrait of Benny and Bonny

In drawing them I poured all the love that a son can give to his mother. All the love these beautiful cats have given to their human mother.

This is the custom gift result


best personalized pet gift

How to cheer up a mom who has lost her beloved pets

If you too have found yourself in this situation, having to cheer up your mother or someone close to you, I'll leave you some little tips that can help her feel better.


Spend precious time with her

Give her time to grieve with you, give her all the comfort she needs, let her know you're there.


Do something special for her to honor a pet after death

Whether it's a small ritual, a letter, flowers, or a personalized portrait, your mum will surely be delighted to receive it.


Support her in daily chores

Every daily action will bring back memories of her beloved pets. If your job allows it, share small moments of everyday life with her. Whether it's ironing, folding clothes, or cooking, your presence will make his memories sweeter... As well as having a shoulder to cry on.

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Did you also give a Flowerpup custom gift for Christmas? Or do you have a story to tell? Leave a comment, I will gladly read it.

A hug,


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I too have lost a best friend Gus. He crossed the rainbow February 29 2020. We miss him so. I still to this day cry for missing him. Also think about the happier times. You are long gone BUT NEVER WILL BE FORGOTTEN

Mary Anne

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